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Arturia MatrixBrute

by Arturia
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Arturia MatrixBrute

The Arturia MatrixBrute is a programmable monophonic/duophonic analogue synthesizer and truly inspirational instrument. A massive sound and a 100% analogue signal path, the Matrixbrute offers a wide range of hands-on features and controls to help you find that unique and captivating idea, and build it up into a full track.

The Matrixbrute's great analogue sound is built from 3 trademark brute oscillators, top quality Steiner-Parker Ladder filters, 3 ultra-fast envelope generators, rich analogue effects. At the centre however is the synths crowning glory, a 16 square modulation matrix, which gives you all the freedom of a modular system, but without the hassle of patching with wires.

The matrix that offers thousands of potential modulation routings to create a wide spectrum of weird and wonderful sounds. Assign any of 16 modulation sources to any of 16 modulation destinations (in MOD mode) and set the amounts of each modulation routing using the dedicated data encoder; four such destinations are user programmable and can clearly be seen in the eye-catching E Ink (Electronic Ink) display.

That matrix also allows presets to be recalled at the touch of a dedicated button (in PRESET mode). You can choose from 256 pre-programmed professional presets or recall one of your own sounds. MatrixBrute packs the power of a modular synth system with an all-important ability to save each patch. No need to worry about recording a sound straight away for fear of losing it forever!

Lastly in SEQ mode, the matrix can also be turned into an awesome 64-step sequencer with separate STEP, ACCENT, SLIDE, and MODULATION options.

Analog Matrixbrute Specifications:

  • 256 Preset memory locations 
  • 2 Analog Exponential VCO’s:
  • Saw + UltraSaw, Square +Pulse width, Triangle + Metalizer, Sub 
  • 1 Analog Linear VCO/LFO
  • Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine waveforms; LFO time divisions; Key track 
  • VCO 2>1 Hard Sync 
  • Audio Mod:
  • VCO1>2 ; VCO1 < VCO3> VCO2 ; VCF 1 < VCO3> VCF 2 ; VCF1 < Noise> VCF2 
  • Noise Generator:
  • White ; Pink ; Red ; Blue noise types 
  • 5 input Audio Mixer with Filter routing 
  • Steiner Parker filter with 12+24 db per octave modes ; 
  • Drive ; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch 
  • Ladder filter with 12+24 db per octave modes ; 
  • Drive ; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass 
  • 2 LFO’s
  • Sine, Tri, Square, Ramp, Saw, Random, S&H 
  • 3 Envelope Generators
  • 2 Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
  • 1 Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release 
  • External Audio In 
  • 16x16 Matrix modulation panel 
  • 64 step sequencer
  • STEP enable, Slide, Accent, Modulation
  • Save and recall sequence patterns on the fly 
  • Analog Effects
  • Stereo delay, Delay, Flanger, Chorus, Analog Reverberator 
  • Arpeggiator 
  • 12 CV / Gate Inputs/Outputs 
  • Audio Input, Line or Instrument level 
  • Stereo audio output 
  • MIDI and USB I/O 
  • Pedal inputs for Expression and Sustain