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Audient ASP4816 Compact Analogue Recording Console - Standard Version (Black)

by Audient
£14,398.80 inc. vat
£11,999.00 ex. vat

Audient ASP4816 Compact Analogue Recording Console - Standard Version (Black)

The Audient ASP4816-SE is small footprint, fully analogue in-line mixing console with a feature set that matches consoles much larger in size. The 4816-SE features 16 audient console microphone preamps, 48 inputs at mixdown, 4 band split table EQ, mix compressor and much, much more. Designed from the ground up by David Dearden, the 4816-SE is the perfect centrepiece for production studios.

Designed to deliver ultra-low noise and low distortion with a touch of classic analogue warmth, ASP4816-SE’s 16 discrete hybrid Class-A preamps are ready to handle any microphone, instrument or source you can throw at it.

With a flexible topology offering up to 60dB of gain and an incredibly wide bandwidth ensuring your transient detail is accurately preserved in stunning resolution, the Audient preamp gives you a versatile and flexible solution ready for any session.

Bring it all together

Often likened to classic analogue boards from the 80s, the Audient mix bus compressor does far more than just control levels, it adds weight, depth and warmth to your mix as well as helping to glue your production together for a more polished result.

Featuring adjustable ratio and threshold controls, auto-release settings and a gain reduction meter, the Audient mix bus compressor is more than equipped for adding those final touches to any production.

Powerful, musical, splittable

The massively flexible Dearden designed EQ offers two fully parametric bands that span from 40Hz to 20kHz, are adjustable from -15db to + 15dB and offer an adjustable Q control. These are flanked by low and high shelving EQ bands with the ability to engage the ‘Air’ button for that often needed finishing sheen.

The EQ can also be split across both the short and long faders, meaning you can EQ both your mic inputs and DAW returns at the same time, making it incredibly easy to start building your mix from the moment you start recording.

Make a connection

The ASP4816-SE features an astounding amount of connectivity for such a compact frame size. With 48 channels, over 40 insert points, 8 sends and 8 groups available on mixdown the ASP4816-SE will handle the most comprehensive of mixing and tracking tasks.


  • 16 x Audient Mic Preamps
  • 40 Faders
  • 48 Inputs at mix
  • 16 x Record Buses
  • 8 x Subgroups
  • 42 x Inputs
  • 6 x Auxes, 2 x Cue Sends
  • In-line Architecture – twin inputs on each channel
  • 4 x Stereo Monitor Outputs
  • Advanced Monitor Control
  • 4 Band Splittable EQ
  • Stereo VCA Mix Bus Compressor
  • Footswitch for Talkback Control