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Audient ASP8024 HE 36 Channel Console

by Audient
£29,998.80 inc. vat
£24,999.00 ex. vat
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Audient ASP8024 HE 36 Channel Console

The Audient ASP8024 HE 36 (Heritage Edition) is a 36 channel high-end large recording console that has been in production for almost 20 years, and is featured in top studios all around the world. Audient have returned to designer David Dearden’s roots to release the definitive version of the ASP8024, The Heritage Edition. The ASP8024 features Class-A mic pre design throughout the ASP range and utilising an american style output amplifier and and a British output transformer.

This listing is for the 36 channel console without patchbay. Pictures provided are not of this 36 channel version.

The incredibly flexible, Dearden designed EQ offers two fully parametric bands that span from 40Hz to 20kHz, offering a powerful and punchy sound. These are flanked by low and high shelving EQ bands (with a minimal signal path) that are perfect for adding weight and air to your source and when combined with the parametric EQ, make for the ultimate sculpting tool. Don’t forget, you can really take advantage of the EQ as it can be split across both the short and long faders, making us one of the only companies to offer this unique feature.

Based on technology from the 80s and 90s the ASP8024’s mix bus compressor is known for adding a rock and roll dynamic to your mix. Often likened to classic analogue boards, the ASP8024’s mix bus compressor provides that classic VCA ‘glue’ that will give your mix that ‘sounds like a record’ feeling. With improved circuitry and a slick new gain reduction VU meter for improved visual feedback (if you've used the ‘gentle needle bounce glue trick’ before, you'll know exactly what we mean) it will fast become one of the most useful tools in your arsenal!

With an impressive array of connectivity options the ASP8024-HE will quickly become the hub of your studio. Whether you're bringing in your DAW outputs, effects returns, monitoring devices and other line sources, or simply connecting to your 2" tape machine the Heritage Edition provides ultimate flexibility for the modern recording studio. Take control of your DAW session with our Dual Layer Control module. DLC provides creative DAW control and automation along with eight moving faders that can be banked across your entire session.