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Audix DP7 - 7-Piece Mic Drum Pack

by Audix
£1,048.80 inc. vat
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Audix DP7 - 7-Piece Mic Drum Pack

The Audix DP7 Drum Mic package delivers 7 great mics from Audix designed for stage and studio drum recordings and other uses. Housed in a sturdy aluminium case, the pack includes a variety of dynamic and condenser mics that will let you capture great recordings in both the studio and while out on tour.

Included in the pack are:

  • One D6 Kick Mic
  • One I5 Snare Mic
  • Two D2 Tom Mics
  • One D4 Floor Tom Mic
  • Two ADX51 Condenser Mics

D6 Kick Mic

With a high SPL overhead and a wide range pick-up across 35Hz to 15kHz, the D6 is designed to capture the sweet spot of any drum regardless of size, tuning or volume. The D6 capsule is also made with the same VLM technology that goes into all the D series percussion and instrument mics.

I5 Snare Mic

The i5 snare drum mic has the ability to take up to 140dB of SPL; even the hardest hitting drummers would have trouble overloading this mic.  The i5's cardioid polar pattern allows it to focus on the specific instrument that is being miced while rejecting other instruments, like toms and hi-hats, or other ambient noise on stage.

D2 Tom Mic

For Toms and congas, the D2 accurately captures drum sounds without adding boom or overtones. Additionally, its hyper-cardioid pick up pattern keeps the focus on the drum you want and discriminates against all other peripheral sounds,.

D4 Floor Tom Mic

Very similar to the D2, but with extended bass pick up response down to below 40Hz. The D2 also has a very flat linear response.

ADX51 Condenser Mic

A pre-polarised condenser mic characterised by extended highs, excellent imaging and high SPL response, the ADX51 is great for high frequency content from cymbals high hats and other instruments. With a -10dB pad and bass roll off switch, the ADX51 can be used for guitars and vocals.