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Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube Monitors - Black Pair

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£307.50 ex. vat
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Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube Monitors

The Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube Monitors are passive studio monitors made famous in the 70s and 80s by becoming a standard in all the major studios for its unique sound. These monitors features a 4.5 woofer with a frequency range of 75Hz to 15kHz. It is still the undisputed industry standard for "real world" referencing in the recording studio. Durability, flat full-range response, amazing power handling and portability are some of the qualities that make these monitors so highly recommended.


  • Watt (RMS) Total: 50
  • Woofer (inches): 4.5Near- / Mid- / Far-Field: Near-Field
  • Magnetically shielded: Yes
  • Frequency Response from (Hz): 75
  • Frequency Response to (Hz): 15,000max. 
  • Peak SPL (dB): 90
  • Bass Reflex Opening: none
  • Weight (kg): 6
  • Height (mm): 165
  • Width (mm): 164
  • Depth (mm): 152
  • Active / Passive: Passive