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Avantone CLA-10 - Passive NS-10 styled Monitors (Pair)

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£665.00 ex. vat
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Avantone CLA-10

The Avantone CLA-10 is a remake of the world renowned NS10M reference speaker, these monitors provide further insight into midrange frequencies and allow you to monitor gain levels to cater sessions appropriately for consumer audio products. The CLA10s are not the easiest of speakers to listen to. They provide a mid-heavy, almost fatiguing sound with limited bass shelving and can, at times, sound clinical to the point of chilliness.

However, the benefits of mixing with CLA10s for engineers who stick with them are bountiful, such that if a mix can be made to sound pleasing on this speaker it is almost guaranteed to translate well whatever system the track is played on thereafter. Avantone intended to make the design as repeatable as possible to ensure uniform voicing, frequency and build quality across every new speaker they manufactured.

In place of the lapped seam technique used in the original woofers, the CLA10’s cone is machine-pressed to achieve the same frequency response and speed of movement, every time. Better quality internal crossover components have also been selected, and the banana plugs at the rear of the MDF chassis have been upgraded with modern fittings for longer life and improved ease of use.

One of Avantone’s principal consultants in the CLA10’s development and a true music industry polymath, Chris Lord-Alge’s long list of credits include mixing artists from James Brown to Bruce Springsteen, Prince and Joe Cocker. No stranger to collaboration with audio developers, in 2010 Lord-Alge also made his first foray into signature recording tools with the Waves ‘CLA' collection of audio plugins.

Avantone CLA-10 Features

  • Painstakingly reverse engineered to ensure match with original frequency response
  • Modelled physically and sonically on original NS10 design
  • Mid-heavy revealing sound for mixing
  • Phenolic resin doped tweeter dome
  • Woofer features custom-tooled mechanical parts that mirror the original
  • Crossover network uses the same value capacitors
  • Inductors match the original in DC resistance
  • Higher-grade components
  • ROHS and WEEE compliant


  • Enclosure: Sealed
  • Height: 19.7cm
  • Width: 38.1cm
  • Depth: 21.59cm
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • LF Driver Size: 7" woofer
  • HF Driver Size: 1.3" tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Max SPL: 90dB SPL @ 1m
  • Watts Per Channel: 60W (program), 120W (maximum)