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Aviom D800 Dante Net Distributor

by Aviom
£4,062.00 inc. vat
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Aviom D800 Dante Net Distributor

The Aviom D800 Dante is a distributor that provide robust, reliable connectivity that delivers power and audio to your Aviom Personal Mixers or console card. These units integrate additional advanced options for delivering high-channel-count audio streams to your Personal Mixers, streamlining connections between A360s and transmitters for wireless in-ear monitors, and integrating the A360 Display iOS app.


Simple setup. Powerful performance.
On the most basic level, the D800-Dante does an unglamorous but important job: get power and audio to your Personal Mixers. Set-up is a breeze, with no IP addressing, routing, or switch managing to worry about, so you can get set up and start mixing in no time, without a lot of hassle.

Get more channels to your mixers
Used in conjunction with the SB4 System Bridge and Pro16 A-Net console cards (such as the Y1 A-Net Card for Yamaha®), the D800 and D800-Dante can combine up to four 16-channel A-Net streams for sending up to 64 channels directly from your digital console to your Aviom Personal Mixers. Mix channels can be individually selected for each A360 Personal Mixer using A360 Channel Manager, allowing each musician to mix exactly the sources they need.

Dante Sample Rates Up to 192kHz
With the D800-Dante, you can run your Dante network at 44.1/48kHz, 88.2/96kHz, or 176.4/192kHz. At higher sample rates, the D800-Dante converts the audio data to 48kHz for distribution to the Aviom Personal Mixers (and other A-Net devices).


  • Dante Primary I/O: Locking RJ45 connector
  • Dante Secondary I/O: Locking RJ45 connector
  • Stereo Link: 
    • Four DIP Switch blocks: 1-16, 17-32, 33-48, and 49-64; 
    • used to set up to 32 channel pairs as stereo links
  • Stereo Link Defeat: Bypasses DIP switch stereo link settings
  • Disable DIP switch: Chooses Dante (down) or A-Net In (up) as the input source for the D800-Dante
  • ID1, ID2 DIP Switch: Reserved
  • A, B, C, D DIP switch: Reserved
  • LEDs (rear panel): 
    • Error (red) 
    • Sync (green)
    • 1GB Active (red)
    • Network Activity (green)
  • Supported Dante Sample Rates: 
    • 44.1, 48kHz - 64 channels 
    • 88.2, 96kHz - 32 channels 
    • 176.4, 192kHz - 16 channels
  • Static IP support: Yes
  • AES67 Support: Yes