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B16 Mothership 2x slot 19" rack mount

by Burl
£1,498.99 inc. vat
£1,249.16 ex. vat
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B16 Mothership

The B16 Mothership is a 2U 19" 16 channel configurable ad/da. Designed with the B80 Mothership in mind the B16 has redefined digital recording, and has kept that legendary sound but in a smaller, more portable. Utilising technology developed for the B80, the new B16 Mothership uses the same I/O cards as the B80 Mothership, continuing Burl Audio’s deep dedication to analog class-A circuitry. This B16 Includes one clock card, either BMB1 PT, BMB2 MADI, BMB3 Dante, BMB4 Soundgrid,,BMB5 USB

Using a card based system, and a heavy-duty 2U chassis, the B16 Mothership employs 2 card slots with an internal power supply and your choice of Motherboard for Digilink, MADI, Dante or SoundGrid connectivity. Every ADC channel uses a proprietary BX1 transformer and every DAC channel has the latest Burl Audio discrete op-amp, BOPA4.

For anyone who has yearned for a Mothership in a smaller format, this is a dream come true. A typical setup is a 4 in, 8 out system, but it can also be configured as an 8 input tracking system, or a 16-output portable mix rig. If needed, you can also use either the BAES4 card with 4 channels of AES in and out per card, or the BCLK card, which distributes 8 word clock outputs per card.


  • 2U main chassis 
  • BMB1 (DigiLink) motherboard
  • BMB2 (MADI) motherboard
  • BMB3 (Dante) motherboard
  • BMB4 (SoundGrid) Motherboard
  • 1 BNC Word Clock In
  • 2 BNC Word Clock Out
  • 3 card slots
  • All slots accept AD/DA, AES and BCLK
  • 4 channel input cards and 8 channel output analog cards