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Bock Audio 251

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Bock Audio 251

The Bock Audio 251 large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone is a faithful sonic re-creation of the famous vintage Telefunken ELAM 251 manufactured by AKG over 50 years ago, these collectors items are now extremely rare and exchange hands for thousands of pounds and due to their age, don’t offer the reliability needed for a modern studio.

Dave Bock’s hand-made 251 is tuned and built to the highest standards and uses a proprietary German capsule, hand wound audio transformer, a NOS tube in the mic amplifier, true to the original unregulated power supply and a custom low capacitance audio cable.

In use this mic takes advantage of the designs proximity effect and provides incredible low end frequency content, smooth midrange and clear airy top end. At close range it delivers a huge sound on both male and female vocals but is equally at home on a variety of instruments; Drums, Piano, acoustic guitars, percussion, stringed instruments, orchestras, choirs & small ensembles, and anything that requires critical top recording quality.

The Bock Audio 251 is a premium multi-pattern, large diaphragm tube condenser microphone which comes in a wooden box and includes the P251 power supply, 6 pin Tuchel cable and shock mount. 

For critical recording situations, the Bock Audio 251 provides high-end quality with an extended frequency range (10hz - 18kHz), a proprietary hand made German capsule and hand wound multi sectioned audio transformer, a NOS tube in the mic amplifier, a hand built outboard power supply and a custom low capacitance audio cable. 

The Bock 251 it an exceptional vocal microphone delivering a classic, huge vocal sound capable of capturing subtle, intimate details whilst being able to handle loud vocalist producing high SPL's. 

When using the 251 on instruments, the various polar responses make it a versatile microphone with outstanding transient response and harmonic detail perfect for critical applications including stringed instruments, orchestras, choirs and small ensembles.

The Bock 251 is designed to deliver the quality and sound of classic vintage microphones but without the risks involved in buying an original which may need restoring and constant maintenance.

Bock Audio 251 Features

  • No-compromise construction; hand built, hand tuned, strictly tested European capsules
  • Time-proven tube and transformer circuitry
  • All electronic components are point to point wired
  • Each individual component in every microphone has been pre-screened for sonic quality
  • Power supply is true to the original, unregulated supply
  • Excellent bass with an open, airy top end
  • High frequency response that is not only present, but natural, quality tone
  • Allows vocals to sound naturally dominant without being overbearing
  • No midrange overemphasis and buildup when stacking vocal tracks
  • No honkyness or grunge
  • Smooth, clear sound, even when recorded digitally
  • Sounds great in all mixing studios and on all systems, before and after mastering


  • Patterns: Cardioid, omni, Figure of 8 Switchable from mic
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz to 18kHz, +/-2dB
  • Sensitivity: 19mv/Pa
  • Equivalent Noise: 18dB ("A" weighted) 32dB (unweighted)
  • Distortion vs.SPL @1kHz: 
    • 112dB = 0.5% THD 
    • 118dB = 1% THD
    • 129dB = 2% THD
    • (increasing distortion is non-exponential, nearly linear, and primarily 2nd harmonic)
  • Impedance: 200 Ohms true transformer balanced
  • Recommended load: 1.2k Ohms
  • Dynamic range (maxSPL-"A"noise): 94dB
  • S/N (94dB-noise): 76dB "A", 62dB unweighted
  • Capsule size: 1" diameter, dual asymmetrical backplate CK12 type
  • Tube type: New Old Stock 6201
  • Dimensions: 2" dia x 8.5" oal (52x216mm)
  • Weight: 1lb 9.3oz (1.58lbs) =716g
  • Shipping weight: 12 lbs
  • Power Supply: P251 true linear, factory wired 115v or 230v operation