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Bock Audio 507

£6,954.00 inc. vat
£5,795.00 ex. vat
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Bock Audio 507

The Bock Audio 507 is a high-end, tube condenser vocal microphone combining a new unique elliptical capsule design and a vintage style mic amplifier and power supply. The Bock 507 includes  cradle, PSU and cable.

The 507 has a fixed cardioid response with a carefully crafted proximity effect for closer, intimate performances. The 507 will compare favourably to the best vocal microphones past and present.

Housed in a large form body type, the headgrille has 3 layers to prevent dirt and moisture from coming in contact with the capsule, and thus increasing the lifespan and long term sound of the mic.

A high gain, vintage 47 inspired tube mic amplifier with no negative feedback or filtering is used alongside a US handmade Bock design four section transformer. The custom Bock power supply is included.

Click here to check out our Bock 507 and Schertler Yellow Showcase video.