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BSS DPR 504 - 4 channel noise gate - Used

by BSS
£270.00 inc. vat
£225.00 ex. vat
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This Ex-Hire BSS DPR-504 is in working condition but features some signs of use and has missing caps on the knobs, this does not affect how this unit works. The BSS DPR-504 is a 4 channel noise gate, noise gating has become one of the fundamental processes used on an ever-increasing range of audio signal types. BSS have applied extensive experience in practical dynamics processor design and usage to create the ideal tool in a quick-to-use format that also conserves precious rack space.

The DPR-504 thoughtfully provides a flexible parametric KEY FILTER on each channel to allow frequency conscious gating with absolute precision. Quick adjustment by ear, using the momentary KEY LISTEN switch, eliminates hair-trigger threshold settings with ease, and offers considerable scope for special effects. The unique, ‘floating window’ key level LED display gives the engineer a constant visual indication of signal level above and below threshold, invaluable for quick set-up and for spotting problems instantly during a show or mix session.

BSS DPR 504 Features

  • A parametric key filter with key filter listening.
  • Simultaneous key level and threshold metering with average and peak metering.
  • A gate status LED.
  • A RELEASE/HOLD control (hold tracks proportionally with release times).
  • Attack switchable auto/fast (auto tracks signal dynamics for optimum setting).
  • Link (links two channels together).
  • Key source allows external triggers.


  • Input impedance: balanced 12kohm differential
  • Input max input level: +20dbv
  • Input CMMR: >50db, 20hz to 20khz
  • Input connector: xlr331 or equivalent
  • Output impedance: balanced and floating to drive 600 ohm loads
  • Output max output level: +20dbv into 600 ohm load
  • Output connector: xlr332 or equivalent
  • Frequency response: + 1db, 20hz to 20khz ultrasonic low pass filter 3db at 32khz
  • Noise: measured to ccir 4682 zero attenuation :
  • Distortion THD: less than 005%, 20hz to 20khz
  • Size: 482mm x 44mm x 282mm - 19" x 1.75" X 11"
  • Weight: 5kg (11lbs) gross shipping.
  • Power supply: switched 120/240v +10% 20%, 50/60hz.