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Burl B1D - 500-Series Mic Pre with Steel Output Transformer

by Burl
£999.00 inc. vat
£832.50 ex. vat
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Burl B1D - 500-Series Mic Pre with Steel Output Transformer

The Burl Audio B1D is an all discrete transistor, class-A, direct coupled, capacitor free circuit path, gives the B1D amazing punch on drums, beautiful tonality on guitars, and warmth with presence on vocals.

The B1D comes complete with both Gain and Level controls. If you want that heavy, gainy tone, crank up the stepped gain control and offset that with the level control. If clean tone is your thing, turn the gain down and crank up the level. For ribbon mics and other low impedance sources, the B1D has a transformer coupled impedance select. The B1D was rigorously tested with the popular Royer R-121 in the low impedance setting, and it sounds incredible on guitar amps. The B1D has an iron output transformer which delivers an evem more sizzling rock tone.

The Burl Audio B1D has a API 500-series form factor and is designed to be used in a rack.

Burl Audio B1D Features:

  • Burl custom BX3 input transformer
  • Burl custom BX4 iron output transformer
  • audiophile, discrete, class-A, direct-coupled, capacitor free circuit path
  • stepped gain control
  • independent output level control
  • 70 dB gain
  • impedance select
  • 1/4” front panel DI input
  • 30 dB pad for hot signals and balanced line level input
  • phantom power
  • phase reverse
  • tri-colored gain level indication
  • love and thunder