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Burl B4 - 4-channel mic / line ADC card

by Burl
£2,449.00 inc. vat
£2,040.83 ex. vat
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The Burl B4 4-channel MIC/LINE input daughter card for the B80 and B16 MOTHERSHIPs. The B4 boasts the new BX6 input transformer designed for true MIC/LINE input impedance. The B4 maintains a no compromise, class-A analog circuit, followed by the same ADC we use in the BAD8. Using a single B80 chassis, 40 input channels of audiophile MIC/LINE inputs can be realized. With digital control and SoundGrid or Dante, the B80 MOTHERSHIP with the B4 MIC/LINE daughter card is the ultimate studio grade stage box.


  • 4-channel MIC / LINE ADC
  • 4-channel XLR connectivity
  • All class-A, NextGen Analog BOPA14 op-amps
  • NEW BX6 input transformers
  • 40 total MIC / LINE input channels per B80
  • Avid delay matching
  • ADC filter select


  • LINE level Frequency Response: 0dB Gain, -0.03dB @ 10Hz, -1.5dB @ 30kHz
  • Full Gain Frequency Response: 59dB Gain, -0.03dB @ 10Hz, -2.5dB @ 30kHz
  • LINE Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
  • MIC Input Impedance: 2.5k Ohms