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CBE XPatch-32 - 32 x 32 Digitally Controlled Analogue Audio Patchbay

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CBE XPatch-32 - 32 x 32 Digitally Controlled Analogue Audio Patchbay

The CBE XPatch-32 is a digitally controlled analogue patchbay. XPatch-32 system is controlled by the XPatch-32 program via USB. This allows for complex routings in seconds, and also the ability to save, store and recall routing settings from any of your sessions. Another useful features of the X Patch 32 that any input can be sent to multiple outputs allowing for signals to be sent to multiple locations, useful for recording live performances, or enabling multiple signal chains from a single input. The XPatch-32 design is based on the A-Mon / I-Mon and shares the I/O and CPU cards, allowing for input and output muting and even gain control.

Individual Channel Level Control & Mutes of inputs & outputs

The major problem with an electronic patch is cross-talk especially between signals at different levels. The X-Patch 32 inherits input and output gain control from the A-Mon/I-Mon, the input gain control allows levels within the patch to be optimized minimizing cross-talk. Unused inputs and outputs are muted further reducing cross-talk.

Metering of Inputs & Outputs

 The X-Patch-32 inherits 8 channels of metering from the A-Mon/I-Mon, these are connected in parallel with outputs 25 - 32 and can be viewed in the Mac/Windows GUI.

Connect a TMC-1 or 2 to use as a Monitor Controller with Electronics patch

When used with a TMC-1 or TMC-2 part of the XPatch-32 may be configured as the monitoring system for any format from stereo up to 7.1.4. The channel count, cue sends and talkback and listen back are user configurable allowing for the XPatch-32 to split between monitoring and electronic patch to suit user requirements.


  • 32x32 crosspoint routing
  • Zero crossing switching ("Click-Less")
  • 2 Input combo XLR line level/ 1/4 inch jack DI input 
  • 2 output front panel XLR connections
  • Front panel headphone monitoring
  • Create, store and recall routings
  • Any input can connect to multiple outputs
  • OSX and Windows compatible software 
  • Software and firmware updates via USB
  • 8 channels of metering 
  • +4/-10 dBm line level selection on every input and output
  • 5 Pin MIDI input
  • I/O on DB-25 connectors - Tascam format
  • unused I/) are muted to minimise crosstalk
  • Footswitch input or selection of snapshots (pre-sets)
  • Designed by CB Electronics multi-award-winning designer Colin Broad
  • Load and save predefined signal paths
  • Connect a TMC-1 or TMC-2 to use as a monitor controller with electronic patch