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Chandler Germanium MKII 500 - Mic Pre For Api 500 Series Racks

£1,129.00 inc. vat
£940.83 ex. vat
Please contact us for availability.

The Germanium 500 is a 500-series compatible Germanium preamp. No circuit or transformer changes were necessary to adapt Chandler Limited designer Wade Goeke's original Germanium Preamp/DI into this version.

Just like the original Germanium Preamp/DI, the Germanium 500 Preamp/DI uses classic germanium transistors in all class A, transformer balanced, circuits. The use of germanium devices opens a whole new sound palate not found in any pro audio equipment currently manufactured.

These incredibly smooth sounding transistors were the basis of the earliest transistor designs by Neve (1053, 1055, 1057), EMI (TG12345 MKI), Telefunken, and Fairchild. Those familiar with these units can attest to the special sound of the germanium transistor.

The GERMANIUM series runs on high power, high current, and has a huge output before clipping. The sound is warm and smooth as with many vintage style circuits, but you'll find a whole new world of smooth here as well as a sound that settles in perfectly to your tracks without fighting.

Add these new circuits to Chandler's new transformer line that combines the best parts of our favorite trannies, St. Ives and Gardners, into new great sounding input and output transformers

Germanium 500 Preamp/DI is compatible with third-party racks, but for lowest noise and best possible performance, we recommend using the Chandler PSU-500 to replace the external power supply issued with your third-party rack. Germanium 500 will not work with racks with internal power supplies, or the API Lunchbox. 

The Chandler Limited PSU-500 is a 3 amp external power supply designed to be used with the a 500 series rack set to +16 and -16 volts and 48 volts for phantom power. When ordering the PSU-500, please specify which rack you are using to ensure the correct 4-pin to 5-pin power cord is included.