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Chandler Little Devil PreAmp - 500 Series Module

£1,099.00 inc. vat
£915.83 ex. vat
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The Chandler Little Devil PreAmp is a 500-Series microphone pre amplifier. The device features Gain, Feedback, Amplifier Bias, Impedance, Low Cut, Brightness, and Output controls which enable you to finely shape the tonality of your sound. Different combinations of these controls change the harmonics, distortion, and frequency response of your signal for different musical effects.

The Chandler Little Devil PreAmp uses Class-A transformer-balanced circuits, and is handmade in the U.S.A. from discrete components. The XLR microphone input, XLR signal output, and power connections for this device are built into the lunchbox rack enclosure that the module plugs into.

The pre amp can also function as a signal processor for adding tonal character to your tracks and mixes. By switching the Mic/Line switch to Line and connecting a line-level input you can add warmth, distortion, and harmonics to your DAW tracks, buss submixes, or stereo buss. For direct input, the pre amp also includes an unbalanced 1/4" TRS line connection on the front panel, allowing the device to function as a color box for your guitar, keyboard, or bass.

Gain Knob
The pre amp offers 66 dB of Class-A amplifier gain

Feedback Knob
The front panel includes a Feedback knob that changes both the amount of variable negative feedback and the bias of the amplifier. Turning this knob changes the total harmonic distortion, high and low frequency response, clipping characteristics, and the overall tonal color of your sound

Output Knob
The Output knob of the pre amp works like the fader on a mixing console, and allows you to trim the output signal. In combination with the other controls, the output knob allows you to shape the tone of your sound

DI/Unbalanced In
The pre amp includes an unbalanced input jack for guitar, bass, and other instruments. The direct in bypasses the balanced transformer stage and connects directly to the Class-A input of the pre amp

The Mic/Line switch changes the balanced input of the pre amp from microphone to line-level signal

Bright Switch
The Bright switch on the front panel lessens the dampening of the output transformer and adds more high frequency information to the sound

Low Cut
The Low Cut switch on the front panel provides a gently sloping 100 Hz low-frequency cut

Impedance Switch
The front panel of the pre amp includes a Low/High Impedance switch that changes the impedance between 300Ω and 1200Ω for both mic and line inputs. Changing the impedance changes the focus of the sound between the mid and low frequencies

Phantom Power
The pre amp features a switch that supplies 48V of phantom power

Phase Switch
The Phase switch on the front panel of the pre amp reverses the polarity of the output