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Clearsonic STC5 Lid Centre Section 2ft Wide

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£85.00 ex. vat
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Clearsonic STC5 Lid Centre Section 2ft Wide

The ClearSonic STC5 Lid System is designed to substantially reduce sound that would normally escape upwards and is especially helpful in spaces with high ceilings. In most cases, the lid system consists of three sections, a center section that comes with a support bar and two side sections.

The STC5 is a 5.5' x 2' center section SORBER panel, constructed from fiberglass and covered in a dark grey, heavy duty "car-trunk" cloth. The panel functions both as a redirector and an absorber of acoustic energy. To complete the lid system, two STS5 side panels are required.

The Lid System requires the use of an A5-6 (or larger) ClearSonic hinged acrylic panel system. AX/ARX height extenders are recommended to provide for an extra 12 or 18 inches of headroom under the lid.

The Lid System is not designed to be airtight. It is recommended that openings be left on either side of the lid panels to allow for air circulation. The STC5 has a Class-A fire rating.