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8 Way Insert Loom 4m - Stereo jack to dual mono

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8 Way Insert Loom - Stereo jack to dual mono

Our 4m loom is made using Comus 16 pair Multi-core cable and Neutrik X-Series connectors. This cable has 8 dual 1/4" jack to 16 mono jack each labeled to their corresponding connectors. The X-series jacks are heavy duty professional phone plugs designed to improve on the existing C series by offering the thinnest available A-gauge 1/4" plug with unique Neutrik chuck type strain relief on the market. The slimline shell with a width of 14.5 mm meets the most recent requirements for highest density jackfields. This cable is the perfect choice for touring & install applications. It offers superb performance and reliability for both analogue and digital signals


  • Brand: Comus
  • Conductor: Stranded copper wire 18x0.10mm=0.14mm AWG 26 bare
  • Insulation: Foam-Skin PE (02YS)
  • Twisting: 2 cores to a pair (8 pairs)
  • Pair shield: Alu/PVC foil metal inside
  • Drain wire : Stranded copper tin plated 7 x 0.16mm= 0.14mm2 AWG 26
  • Sheath: PVC 
  • Jacket : Soft PVC
  • Colour : Black
  • Diameter: 13.00 mm + - 0.40mm
  • Conductor resistance: max 138Ohm/km at 20 degrees centigrade
  • Insulation resistance: min 100MOhm x km at 20 degrees centigrade
  • Capacitance : C/C approx 40pF/m @ 1kHz
  • Impedence: approx 105 ohm @ 1Mhz
  • Operating voltage: max 50-75 V AC/DC
  • Temperature range: -20 to + 70 Centigrade
  • Weight: 0.184kg/m / 0.4057Lb/m