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Cranborne Audio 500 ADAT - 8-slot 500 series Rack

£1,479.00 inc. vat
£1,232.50 ex. vat
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Cranborne Audio 500 ADAT

The Cranborne Audio 500 ADAT is an 8-in/8-out ADAT expander that allows users to integrate 8 of your favourite 500 series modules into your workflow seamlessly. The 500 ADAT by Cranborne Audio features 8 high current 500 series slots, high performance A/D-D/A conversion, analogue summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer and reference-quality headphone outputs.

Fill 500ADAT full of vintage preamps for recording drums. Fill 500ADAT full of clean and pristine preamps for recording strings. Fill 500ADAT full of Preamp, EQ, and Compressor modules to create your own custom, analogue channel strips. The possibilities are endless and every 500ADAT is unique to your sound.

Analogue summing can give your mix the final bit of analogue character required to achieve professional and polished sonic results. What makes 500ADAT's 8-into-2 channel summing mixer so special is that it is positioned after the 8 500 series slots - allowing you to insert saturation or subtle 'bus-compression' modules and create a stereo mix using 500ADAT’s dedicated analogue level and pan controls beneath each module. 500ADAT's summing mixer also has a dedicated line output which can be used to send your stereo mix into your audio interface for recording.

Key Features

  • 8 Channel A/D-D/A converter
  • High-performance A/D-D/A conversion
  • Master reference-quality internal clock
  • Analogue summing mixer
  • Zero-latency artist mixer
  • Reference-Quality Headphone Outputs
  • High-current 8-slot 500 series rack
  • C.A.S.T. Compatible
  • 24v, 5a external locking power supply
  • Designed and Engineered in the UK