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Cranborne Audio N22H - C.A.S.T enabled compact reference-grade headphone amplifier and breakout box

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CranCranborne Audio N22H

The Cranborne Audio N22H is a reference grade headphone amplifier and C.A.S.T breakout box. The N 22H by Cranborne Audio is a solution for musicians and producers which enables you to place the headphone amplifier right next to the recording musician. 

Standalone Headphone Amplifier

First and foremost, N22H is a standalone, reference-grade headphone amplifier. Simply connect the line outputs of your audio interface, guitar pedalboard, mixer, keyboard, or outboard hardware directly into to N22H's inputs, set the 'Source' switch on N22H to 'Inputs' and you are ready to use N22H for all of your heapdhone monitoring needs!

Using N22H's headphone amp instead of those built-in to devices upgrades the headphone monitoring quality of your existing setup and allows you to benefit from more power and higher clean volume with a wider range of headphones.

C.A.S.T. Breakout Box

C.A.S.T. uses a shielded Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7 cable instead of 4 XLRs to not only reduce cable spaghetti in your studio but also distribute audio around studios or stages using affordable, readily available network cabling whilst achieving the highest sonic results due to their strict design standards.

Each C.A.S.T. connection on a Cranborne Audio product features unique optimisation to ensure that the maximum signal integrity is transmitted over shielded Cat 5, Cat 6, and Cat 7 cables for distances of up to 100m(330ft) without high-end roll-off and with very low-crosstalk.

C.A.S.T. Expander

Connect N22H into 500R8/500ADAT's C.A.S.T. Input connectors and then mic/line sources connected to N22H’s inputs are sent directly to the interface's inputs ready for recording via C.A.S.T. Meanwhile, a stereo monitor mix generated by 500R8/500ADAT is carried down the same C.A.S.T. connection and directly into N22H’s headphone output.

Standalone Cat 5 Snake

Replace cumbersome and expensive analogue multicore systems by using one N22 and a N22H to send and receive balanced analogue audio between two locations. Connect N22 to your current audio interface and send a monitor mix directly to the N22H in the vocal booth using a single shielded Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 cable cable.

Phantom Power

Our C.A.S.T. system is fully-able to transfer 48v, phantom power from a preamp to N22/N22H to power condenser microphones and DI boxes. Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7 cables are designed to transfer much higher voltages and current than 48v, so one C.A.S.T. cable can easily transfer up to 4 separate phantom power lines in your studio or live space.

Phantom Power With 3rd Party Preamp or Audio Interface

If you're using an audio interface or 3rd party preamp, simply connect one N22 to your preamp's inputs, the other N22 to your microphone, and engage 48v on your preamp! Now you can effortless power and record your sources through a single C.A.S.T. connection!

Phantom Power With 500R8, 500ADAT, Camden EC2

If you're using a 500R8, 500ADAT, or Camden EC2, simply connect the C.A.S.T. inputs of the device to the C.A.S.T. output of N22, engage 48v on your preamps, and you're ready to record!

Reference-Quality Headphone Amplifier

N22H's headphone amplifier is based on the same custom design found in our renowned 500R8 interface. With a flat Frequency Response from 0.8Hz to above 250kHz and ultra-low distortion (0.0009% THD+N, 100 kOhm load), it can easily power headphones with clean, transparent power - perfect for critical listening, mixing, and mastering. There’s also enough power (up to 950mW per-ear) to drive headphones at high-volumes during tracking - perfect for loud drummers!

Studio Mixing

Studio With carefully calibrated High and Low Power Modes, N22H can be quickly optimised for maximum performance with high-impedance over-ear headphones or low-impedance in-ears at a flick of a switch. A custom logarithmic Headphone Level control also allows for precise control of the headphone output without big shifts in volume during small adjustments.

Location Tracking

N22H can be powered using the included 9V DC power supply as well as any 3rd party 9v DC (centre negative) guitar pedal power supply. It can also be powered using a 9v battery for up to 10 hours of headphone amplification in Low Power Mode during tracking and location recording where power isn’t available nearby.