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Dangerous Music 2-Bus+ (DM24) 16 Channel Analog Summing

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Dangerous Music 2-Bus+ (DM24) 16 Channel Analog Summing

The Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ is a 16 channel analogue summing mixer with a redesigned analog summing circuit that outshine previous specifications. The Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ provides unsurpassed imaging, dimensionality, punch and headroom. While the 2-BUS+ active summing sounds incredible on its own, it now includes three innovative custom colour circuits that provide an array of flexibly routed tonal options and a mono setting so you can instantly know of any phasing problems.


Features at a glance

  • 16 channels of the world’s best active analog summing, that even surpasses the original.
  • Three distinctive analog colour options: Harmonics, Paralimit and X-Former.
  • Effortless routing and blending of analog colour circuits via elegant user interface.
  • Switchable stereo analog insert for easy outboard gear integration.
  • Massive sounds, sacrificing no detail.
  • Crystal clear sonic imaging and three-dimensionality.
  • Endless headroom for modern digital signal levels.
  • Stepped output gain control for exact recalls.
  • Both XLR and D-Sub input connectivity.
  • Audiophile-grade components throughout.
  • Hand-assembled in the USA.

Three real analogue tone circuits
Adding analogue colourisation to your mix can be hard and easy to do wrong, but the design team at Dangerous has developed three totally original all-analog circuits: Harmonics, Paralimit and X-Former allowing you to create beautiful sounding audio with ease. These circuits are physically built into the 2-BUS+, you get a versatile selection of analog colours while never leaving the analog mixing environment.

Harmonics – Add the euphoric sound of an analog circuit on the edge of distortion to your whole mix or individual channel pairs. Carefully tuned to generate the perfect mixture of odd- and even-order harmonics, this effect runs parallel with the unprocessed signal so you have full control of how much of the altered signal is noticeable in the mix.

Paralimit – Inspired by the famous 1176 Limiting Amplifier “all buttons in” trick, you get an infinite ratio setting flooded with analog top-end. With its blend knob and assignment buttons, Paralimit gives you instant parallel compression, in stereo, in the analog domain, on the full mix or on a stereo stem – a flexible set-up that otherwise requires complex patching, careful level matching and significant amounts of analog outboard gear.

X-former – Last but not least are a pair of customised Cinemag transformers with Chris Muth’s unique approach to driving the core. Switch them in for a solid, punchy sound, then turn up the X-Former knob to drive the core of the transformer in a way that’s unique to the 2-BUS+. X-former is designed so that you decide how much of the altered signal is heard putting you in full control.

Unveil your sound with active analog summing
When multiple converters share the converting process of getting your sounds from digital into analog, you’ll hear improved articulation and clarity. Once in the analog realm, these individual channels are electronically summed together with an “active analog summing circuit.” Unlike passive summing boxes that require huge amounts of make-up gain to restore the lost audio, or line mixers masquerading as “summing mixers,” the active electronics in the 2-BUS+ result in what Dangerous users describe as “a huge soundstage,” “holographic sound,” and “audible three-dimensionality.”

Emulating impossible
Analog summing remains impossible to emulate digitally. You may have experienced the frustration of a mix collapsing when relying on a single digital master fader to handle it all. By summing individual stems or subgroups of stems (Tracks) with the 2-BUS+, you get crystal clear sonic imaging and a wide-open soundstage. No matter how many tracks you have, all your recorded audio, software instruments, samplers, effects and plugins will sing with the detail, punch and clarity that only real analog summing can deliver.

Making the analog investment
When you buy analog equipment, you’re making an investment that holds its value for decades. Analog technology is time-tested. It won't need an expensive upgrade, become incompatible with your computer or DAW, or start crashing. No matter what music production system you’re using in ten, fifteen, twenty years, the superior summing capabilities and timeless analog tone processors of the 2-BUS+ will always be a relevant, compatible and valuable piece of equipment in your studio.


  • Max Input Level: > +28 dBu
  • THD+N @+4dBu: 1KHz, unweighted, 22Hz to 22kHz < 0.0048%
  • THD+N @+22dBu: 1KHz, unweighted, 22Hz to 22kHz < 0.0026%
  • IMD @ +4dBu: < 0.0038%
  • IMD @ +22dBu: < 0.0021%
  • Crosstalk rejection: > 108dBu @ 1KHz
  • Noise at Unity Gain: 22Hz to 22KHz: < -86dBu
  • Noise at Nominal Mix Setting: 22Hz to 22KHz: < -91dBu
  • Frequency Response: Flat within 0.1dB from 10Hz -50kHz
  • Input Impedance: 25K Ohms Balanced
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohms Balanced
  • Replacement Fuses: AMERICAS: 90-120VAC 2 Amp Slo-Blo fuse. EUROPE: 200-260VAC 1 Amp Slo-Blo fuse