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Dangerous 2-Bus XT Analogue Summing Amp

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Dangerous 2-Bus XT Analogue Summing Amp

The Dangerous 2-Bus XT is a re-engineered summing amp that delivers knock down kicks, vocals welded to the centre, spacious sound stage, and an ultra high resolution depth of field that reveals everything.

Leveraging the unsurpassed six layer board summing circuitry of the 2-BUS+, you’ll feel the legendary headroom alongside two unique custom colour circuits designed by analogue cause célèbre, Chris Muth.


  • Hand built in the USA
  • Active analogue summing circuits by renowned designer Chris Muth
  • Super wide stereo imaging (crosstalk -109dB @ 1kHz) good luck finding crosstalk specs published by other companies
  • Major headroom for any DAC (+27 dBu max input level)
  • Effortless analogue outboard gear integration
  • Fully expandable with 2-BUS+, 2-BUS-XT, and D-BOX+
  • Compact, single rack space

After dozens of listening trials, the transformers were specifically chosen to add a tasteful hit of 2nd order harmonics for lower midrange warmth while preserving top-end clarity.. Perfect for adding complexity to sterile tracks that draw the listener in deep.

Coherence elevates the harmonic content of signals progressively by bringing up the detail as the levels are reduced, then allowing you to blend this result with the source mix, parallel compression style. Ride it during the hooks to add excitement and dimensional asymmetry.

Assign none, either or both to channels 15-16 or the mix buss all on true hard wired bypasses and breathe your music’s analogue soul to life.

Unlike passive summing boxes that require huge amounts of make-up gain to restore the lost audio, or line mixers with volume and pan pot controls masquerading as “summing mixers” the active electronics in the 2-BUS-XT result in what Dangerous users describe as “a huge soundstage,” “holographic sound,” and “audible three-dimensionality.” Panning is wide and precise, reverbs spacious and deep, bass powerful and engaging, treble and mids articulate and interesting. And within all that spacious sound, you get an incredibly focused and strong centre image. When summing in analogue, you’re also allowing multiple converter channels to share the workload, thereby lowering the strain and increasing their efficiency- much like a 16 lane highway vs 2 lanes. Once there, the 2-BUS-XT’s exceptional summing circuits will provide all the headroom plus a vast soundfield, allowing your mixes to truly shine.


Many analogue processors – from delays and reverbs to EQs, compressors and more – have been modelled in the digital realm, but analogue summing remains impossible to emulate digitally. Summing is not designed to “give you the character of a console” as many analogue and digital recreations mistakenly promote, but to give you the sonic benefits and beyond. We’ve all experienced the frustration of a mix collapsing when relying on a single digital master fader to handle it all. The middle gets crowded, panning becomes blurry, reverbs lose dimension, and soon the mix just won’t hit. By summing individual tracks or subgroups of tracks (often called “stems”) with the 2-BUS-XT’s analogue circuits, you get crystal clear sonic imaging and a wide-open soundstage. No matter how high your track count, all your recorded audio, software instruments, samplers, effects and plugins will sing with the detail, punch and clarity that only real analogue summing can deliver. You’ll work faster, use less plug-ins and have fun.


When you buy analogue equipment, you’re making an investment that will hold its value for decades. Analog technology is time-tested. It won’t require an expensive upgrade, become incompatible with your computer or DAW, or start crashing. No matter what music production system you’re using in ten, fifteen, twenty years, the superior summing capabilities of the 2-BUS-XT will always be a relevant, compatible and valuable centre-piece in your studio.


The 2-BUS-XT is sonically and ergonomically primed by intentional design to increase the reach of your Dangerous System.

Multiple units may be stacked for higher channel counts or team it up with the 2-BUS+ for a total of five different colour circuits or the D-BOX+ to add comprehensive monitor control. From conception, to astute design, to field testing by our Platinum Legacy Crüe, the 2-BUS-XT will breathe your music’s analogue soul to life.


  • Frequency Response: +- 0.1dB from 20Hz-50kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.004% in audio band
  • Intermodulation Distortion: 0.004% IMD60 4:1
  • Crosstalk @ 1 kHz: -109 dB
  • Noise floor: -82 dBu total energy in audio band
  • Max level: >+27 dBu
  • Nominal operating level: +4 dBu
  • Input impedance: 12 kohm balanced
  • Output impedance: 50 ohms balanced (600 ohm drive capable)
  • Power consumption: 25 watts