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DAV BG6 - Stereo Compressor/Limiter

£540.00 inc. vat
£450.00 ex. vat
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DAV BG6 - Stereo Compressor/Limiter

The DAV BG6 is a stereo compressor and limiter featuring Decca 1977 circuitry. The BG6 has extremely low noise and distortion and has adjustable threshold and gain controls on the front panel as well as a 4 LED meter which displays the amount of gain reduction. The front panel is also home to a bypass switch, compressor/limiter switch and a recovery time switch capable of either 3 seconds of 0.3 seconds.

DAV BG6 Features:

  • Low noise and distortion [Decca 1977 circuit brought up to date]
  • Recovery time switched, 3secs and 0.3secs
  • Threshold calibrated in dBu ref. output level
  • LED metering Stereo couple
  • Limiter/compress On/off switch
  • Overall low noise and distortion.
  • Input gain control to +20dB.