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DBX DRIVERACK PA2 - Loudspeaker Management System - 2in/6out

by DBX
£354.00 inc. vat
£295.00 ex. vat
Usually Ships within 48 hours.

DBX DRIVERACK PA2 - Loudspeaker Management System - 2in/6out

The DBX DriverackPA2 is a hardware unit designed to be placed between your mixer and speaker amplifiers to optimize and protect your loudspeakers. The Driverack PA2 has the latest advancements in dbx’s proprietary AutoEQ and AFS algorithms, a new input delay module for delaying the FOH system to the backline, Ethernet control via an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device, and updated Wizards, the DriveRack PA2 continues the DriveRack legacy of great-sounding, powerful, and affordable loudspeaker management processors, for a whole new generation.

The innovative new mobile control allows phones and tablets running Android or iOS and Computers running Windows or OSX to control all the features of the DBX Driverack PA2 wirelessly over wifi or plugged in via ethernet. The ability to use a mobile device allows you to make critical adjustments to your speaker system from an optimal listening position.

DBX Driverack PA2 Features:

  • All New Setup Wizard
  • Streamlined AutoEQ™
  • All New AFS™ (Advanced Feedback Suppression)
  • Mobile Control (Android®, iOS®, Mac®, Windows®)
  • dbx Compression
  • Graphic EQ
  • 8-Band Parametric EQ (adjusted when using the AutoEQ) Input
  • Subharmonic Synthesis
  • Crossover (supports full range, 2-way, and 3-way systems)
  • 8-Band Parametric EQs (used for speaker tunings) Output
  • dbx Limiting
  • Driver Alignment Delays