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DPA d:vote™ CORE 4099 Classic Touring Kit, 4 Mics and accessories, Loud SPL

£2,184.00 inc. vat
£1,820.00 ex. vat
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DPA KIT-4099-DC-4C

The DPA KIT-4099-DC-4C is a d:vote CORE 4099 Classic Touring Kit that include 4 Mics and accessories. The 4099 Instrument Microphoone is already the recognized standard for this type of microphone and the CORE version adds just another layer of sound quality that further distances this mic from its competitors. 4099 brings more clarity and details to your music, across the entire dynamic range. Anyone looking for the very highest sound quality should choose CORE by DPA – every musician, live sound engineer and anyone else who takes pride in quality audio.

CORE by DPA is a powerful new technology at the heart of DPA miniature microphones. We’ve minimized distortion. From pianissimo to forte, you will experience increased clarity and openness. 

From the piano to guitar; strings to woodwinds; brass to percussion, the 4099 Series sounds equally impressive on them all. This one microphone model can beautifully reinforce an entire orchestra. You can move the mic to another instrument; just make sure you have the right type of clip to mount it correctly. The award-winning 4099 Series gives you a much more natural sound than any clip-on microphone or pickup. This condenser microphone rejects unwanted noise and accurately captures the true voice of your acoustic instrument.

DPA KIT-4099-DC-4C Features

  • CORE by DPA technology inside
  • Supercardioid condenser microphone
  • Handles high SPLs
  • Superior gain-before-feedback
  • Flexible and easy mounting
  • Gentle and easy to mount on the instrument
  • Detachable cable and a versatile gooseneck extender


  • Clip for violin
  • Clip for piano
  • Clip for guitar
  • Adapter for XLR
  • Extension cable, 1.6 mm
  • Clip for cello
  • Clip for bass