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DPA APE40RS - 4006A Acoustic Pressure Equalizer, 40 mm Ball

£51.60 inc. vat
£43.00 ex. vat
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The DPA APE40RS is an Acoustic Pressure Equalizer Ball for 4006A Omnidirectional Microphone is a sphere shaped Acoustic Pressure Equalizer. It comes in three sizes and can be used for the microphone or the stereo kit. Depending on the size of the Acoustic Pressure Equalizer Ball your microphone will impact your recording differently.

The APE40RS, a Ø40 mm sphere, offers a more noticeable on-axis boost between 2 kHz and 8 kHz. It also offers stronger off-axis attenuation than the Ø30 mm version. This gives a marked increase in the directivity of your recordings (at 4 kHz, the front-to-back sensitivity ratio is 8 dB). It also decreases the effects of reverberation and off-axis sources. When using Acoustic Pressure Equalizer, 40 mm Ball, you can modify the spectral characteristic of a source by simply altering the angle of incidence to give a frequency boost, a flat response or attenuation.