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Dynaudio CORE 47 - 3-Way Powered Studio Monitor - Single

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Dynaudio CORE 47 - 3-Way Powered Studio Monitor - Single 

The Dynaudio Core 47 is a three-way active studio monitors with new Esotar Pro tweeter, Class D amplification and ground-breaking DSP.

The Dynaudio Core47 sits between the Core 7 and Core 59 offering and boasts the same Esotar Pro tweeter which has been designed from the ground up to avoid ear fatigue and deliver superior stereo imaging and transient detail. Esotar Pro tweeters use an inner dome behind the diaphragm to optimise airflow, remove internal resonance and smooth frequency response.

The 4" midrange driver is made with Dynaudio’s Magnesium Silicate Polymer material, powered by a powerful neodymium magnet with an aluminium voice coil. This ensures a super-fast response. The selected crossover points at 475Hz and 5.25kHz focus the critical vocal range on that mid-range driver.

The bass woofer is the same as on the Dynaudio 59 and Dynaudio 7 which ensures improved low-end clarity and tonal accuracy. The woofer takes its cues from subwoofers and is made with glass-fibre with a new copper voice-coil and ceramic magnet powered by an incredibly powerful 500W Class-D Pascal Amplifier.

In addition to mechanical state-of-the-art components, the Core 47 boasts sophisticated DSP which provide self-optimisation in different acoustic environments. With three settings, Anechoic, Desk and Soffit, the Core 47 makes it easy to optimise the speaker’s response. It also includes Dynaudio’s Sound Balance filter, originally designed in for the LYD series, which tilts the entire band-passed spectrum to match the desired tonal response. It has two settings "Dark" and "Bright" that result in +/-1.5dB tilting at 20Hz and 20kHz. This tilt filter keeps the proper phase response between the drivers while adapting the speakers' tone to your taste. The DSP is also employed to tailor the input sensitivity. The speaker works at 192kHz and converts the analogue signal to 192kHz operation but will operate at the incoming sample rate when using the AES clock to maintain signal accuracy.

Dynaudio Core 47 Key Features:

Professional handcrafted reference monitors
Advanced DSP – powerful DSP made easy to use for positioning, sound balance and bass extension
Power to spare - Pascal Class D Power modules
Analogue and AES Digital inputs (with word clock and through connections)
Esotar Pro tweeter – the already-legendary Dynaudio HF reincarnated
Mounting options – easy to mount for any situation and ready for VESA brackets
Soffit mounting – dedicated mode for soffit mounting to control enhanced lows
High-resolution 192 kHz / 24-bit signal path.
Flexible designs – Core 59 vertical or horizontal, with the tweeter/midrange on the outside or the inside.
Made in Denmark