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Ear Trumpet Labs Chantelle

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Ear Trumpet Labs Chantelle

The Ear Trumpet Labs Chantelle is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that is optimised for live vocal use thanks to its great feedback rejection and built in pad. Chantelle is not only great for live use but is also fantastic in the studio, it has a clear, well balanced sound and is especially pleasing on vocals but is also a great choice for acoustic instruments.

The Ear Trumpet Labs Chantelle was recently used at the Country Music awards by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Croon thanks to it's classic looks and high quality sound.

Ear Trumpet Labs Chantelle Features:

  • Hand made microphone with unique appearance.
  • Large (26mm) diaphragm condenser capsule mounted end-address in a pivoting head, with a cardioid pickup pattern.
  • Capsule and electronics tuned for close live vocal use on the loudest of stages - excellent feedback rejection.
  • Internal shock dampers for minimal handling noise.
  • Integral silk and mesh pop filter, for effective control of plosives without loss of clarity.
  • Transformerless FET fully balanced electronics - very quiet and clean.
  • Highest quality hand-wired electronic components - film caps, precision resistors, hand tested and matched transistors, with component values tuned for the individual microphone.
  • Body fits standard microphone clips.
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2" long x 2" diameter.
  • Metal tool case with foam padding included, 11" x 6" x 3".
  • Requires 48V phantom power.