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Free UK Mainland Delivery for Orders Over £99

Earthworks SR5314 SB - Cardioid Wireless Microphone Capsule

£699.00 inc. vat
£582.50 ex. vat
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The Earthworks SR5314 SB is made for the Sennheiser Mic-pre bodied. From the sleek stainless exterior designed for life on the road to the technology that lies inside–delivering the fastest and most responsive capsule. The SR5314-SB is for the boldest artists and engineers looking to unencumber themselves from the pitfalls and challenges of ever-changing live environments. Instead, you can focus on what matters most–the music.

The SR5314 SB goes beyond the promise of delivering studio quality sound onstage by directly addressing the challenges intrinsic to these dynamic environments:
  • Tight cardioid polar pattern with a consistent frequency response all the way out to 90 degrees off-axis means the SR5314 delivers the same quality of sound even when the singer moves off-center.
  • Extreme attenuation of sound sources located beyond 90 degrees with maximum rejection at 180 degrees.
  • Consistent low frequency response across a wide range of distances, providing articulate detailed bass up close while not getting thin with distance.

The combination of these features imbues the SR5314 with levels of feedback immunity and isolation from unwanted sound sources not found in other brands of microphones or microphone capsules, regardless of price.

Earthworks SR3314 SB pictured the SR5314 SB is a variation of the SR3314 that accommodates Sennheiser fittings.