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Elysia Skulpter² Qube Ultraportable Preamp (2x elysia skulpter 500)

by Elysia
£1,649.00 inc. vat
£1,374.17 ex. vat
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Elysia Skulpter² Qube

The Elysia Skulpter² Qube Ultraportable Preamp is 2 Elysias skulpter 500 series module in the new Qube portable chassis providing you with pure Class-A analog sound at your fingertips for an affordable price to take with you anywhere.

About the Qube

In the nature of creative- and artwork, this word plays a crucial part in the development of tremendous ideas. Did you ever calculate how many hours or days you have been limited in your life? Don’t you think that you should use the lost time for something greater? We guess so!

People constantly talking about life-changer which sometimes seems to be far away from reality but accustoming. Is it just a phrase? Creativity desires limitless freedom to express yourself in all aspects. Freedom, also known as mobility or flexibility to do what you want to do. Everywhere. 

You can imagine sitting in a studio working on the next big mix or production at a desk with all the fine analog outboard equipment you’ll need installed with rusty screws. In dusty racks. In front of you.

How do you get your favorite analog audio processors side by side of your laptop at home? What about your next tour or gig traveling the world? 

We have unleashed our famous elysia analog audio processing hardware to make your musical life much easier, flexible and mobile with the elysia qube series. 

qube – A selected series of our famous 500-Analog Modules with Class-A Topology in a rugged, lightweight and travel-ready aluminium case with all the great pristine, transparent sound you will expect from us. Analog to Go. Everywhere.

Put your qube wherever you need. On top of your Rack. Your desk. On your limited space in your Homestudio or even on a small kitchen table beside your Laptop. Take advantage of qube at your next Live-Gig or simply take it to the Club at your DJ Booth. A new definition of comfort and flexibility is just waiting for you. 

Maximum flexibility if you get a call from your studio- or music mate to work on a new production. Just put it into your suitcase or backpack together with your Laptop and feel the freedom qube will have to offer. 

qube can easily replace your favorite audio processing plugins and saves you a lot of precious CPU Power on your DAW. A perfect side effect is that you’ll get a high-performance tactile control with the highest industry standard quality custom made potentiometers to get your hands on your audio-tracks. 100% free from Late