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Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-E Mic Pre with Compression

£1,699.00 inc. vat
£1,415.83 ex. vat
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Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-E

Specialising in adding warmth to your signal chain while offering digital control. Pretty much what you might expect from Empirical Labs, what's more unusual is that the EL9 is first and foremost a mic preamp. The transformer based compressor limiter has the quality we've come to expect with the pre benefiting from complete tonal control and a huge range of timbres.

Empirical Labs EL 9 Mike-E Features

  • Mic Preamplifier with super low noise & stepped gain switching.
  • Built in 'Direct Box', called the 'Inst In', offers unparalleled distortion, noise, and frequency response when pre-amping instruments.
  • 'Coloured' 80Hz High pass filter emulates the warm low frequency cut of our favorite vintage equalizers.
  • Phase Switch to invert the audio signal 180 degrees.
  • Exclusive CompSat Section: Offers both a musical Compressor/Limiter and a unique tape-like saturation circuit.
  • Emphasis high-frequency emphasis system softens high frequency 'pile-ups' and further the creamy color of the Mike-E.
  • Mix Control allows the blending of the Compressed/Saturated signal with the clean unprocessed "Dry" signal.
  • Freq. Response is 3 Hz to 200 kHz on (No CompSat). CompSat is 3Hz - 150Khz. Optional Transformer output is 6Hz-80kHz.
  • Signal to Noise - 130 dB signal to 40dB gain. Maximum output is +28dBu.
  • Distortion Ranges between .0006% and 15% depending on mode and settings.
  • Transformer coupled Input, Active and Transformer Outputs available. High quality audio caps used internally.
  • Input Impedance is 600 Ohms. Output impedance is less than 38 ohms.
  • Attack/Decay Ranges - .9 - 100mS attack. .15 - 1 Sec.
  • Power Consumption - 15 Watts Max.