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EQ Acoustics Project Room Kit

£114.00 inc. vat
£95.00 ex. vat
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EQ Acoustics Project Room Kit

The Project Room Kit is a set of project foam from EQ acoustics that consists of two project trap G panels, sixteen classic wedge 30 G, one monad set and one flexifit 32. Project foam is fast becoming the first choice for acoustic treatment across europe with it's low cost and positive results. This foam panels not only work well but look the part so you can have a treated room that suits your studio.


  • Classic wedge 30 G - These panels are ideal for home studios, home cinemas and vocals booths. The classic wedge 30 G panels help reduce reverb and sound reflections helping you get the best recordings possible.
  • Monpad - Monpads are designed to help reduce resonance so you get a clear picture of what is happening to your mix. 
  • Flexfit - These strips will allows you to easily put up and/or move your tiles around your intended room. 
  • Project Trap G - These corner traps are designed to help with the low frequencies reducing the colourisation of you mix so you will have a more accurate representation of your audio.


  • In the box: 
    • Project Trap G - 2
    • Classic Wedge 30 G - 16
    • Monpad Set - 1
    • Flexifit 32 - 1