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Eventide Mixing Link - High-quality Mic Pre with Effects Loop

£351.50 inc. vat
£292.92 ex. vat
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Eventide Mixing Link - High-quality Mic Pre with Effects Loop

The Eventide Mixing Link is a high-quality mic pre wih a built-in effects loop. Mixing Link allow vocalists to very conveniently plug dynamic and phantom-powered mics to Eventide (or other) guitar pedals, and use them  on-stage and in the studio.

It can connected in a variety of ways to guitars, amps, line-level devices, iOS devices and more. Take a look a the images for a variety of connection examples.

Eventide Mixing Link Features

  • High Quality Mic Pre with FX Loop in a compact form factor
  • FX Loop Send and Return supports Balanced and Unbalanced signals - interfaces with consoles or guitar pedals easily
  • Latching or Momentary Footswitch control of FX Loop for performance effects
  • Works with a wide range of microphones including condenser and ribbon mics with up to 65dB of clean gain
  • Aux I/O connection supporting stereo input and send
  • Guitar Amp output and Headphone monitor output with separate master volume control
  • International universal power supply included
  • Operates on 9V battery (No phantom power)
  • 48V Phantom power for Condenser mics
  • Balanced XLR Output which supports DI and Line levels
  • Instrument and Balanced Line level inputs
  • Versatile Mix Control supports 3 modes- 100% Mic w/FX blended in, or Mic/FX balance control, or 100% FX (no Mic) 

Eventide Mixing Link Specifications

  • Analog Input (MAX Input Levels, Input Impedance):
    • INST IN: +10dBu, 500kΩ
    • XLR LINE IN: +24dBu, 22kΩ
    • XLR MIC IN: +4dBu, 2kΩ
    • FROM FX: +10dB, 200kΩ
    • AUX IN: +4dBu, 5.0kΩ
  • Analog Output: (MAX Output Levels, Output Impedance):
    • TO FX: +10dBu, 400Ω
    • TO AMP: +10dBu, 250Ω
    • PHONES: 150mW per channel, min Load = 8 Ohms
    • DI/LINE OUT: 10dBu, (LINE) +18dBu, 200Ω
    • AUX OUT: 18mV, 200Ω (mobile mic level) 
  • Power Supply:
    • 9 VDC, 500 ma, center pin (-)
    • Minimum required current at 9VDC = 200mA
  • Dimensions:
    • 3.6" (H) x 2.65" (W) x 1.5" (D)
    • 91(H) x 67(W) x 38(D) mm
  •  Weight: 0.96lb ,0.43kG