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Ferrofish A32 Pro - 32 Analogue I/O AD/DA Converter with DSP - MADI & ADAT

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Ferrofish A32 Pro - 32 Analogue I/O AD/DA Converter with DSP - MADI & ADAT

The Ferrofish A32 Pro is a 32 channel analogue AD/DA convertor featuring 128 MADI I/O & 32 ADAT I/O. Each channel delivers levels up to +20dBu and are individually adjustable in 1dB steps. In addition to the 32×32 balanced studio-quality analogue inputs and outputs and the stereo main out up to 192kHz, the A32pro offers both ADAT and MADI – probably the most widely used digital audio interfaces available. In addition to the optical first MADI module, another SFP MADI module can be added.

The sophisticated design, using the latest generation of ESS converters, accompanied with a temperature-compensated clock and jitter reduction PLL, guarantees best crystal clear sound up to 192kHz. The A32pro is not just a converter, but thanks to its flexibility, using a sophisticated routing matrix, it is also a digital format converter for integrating your existing and future MADI and ADAT equipment.

Even operation of the A32pro is done without any compromise, almost self explaining, as with all our products: A total of four multitouch TFT screens show the levels of all 64 I/O channels, it can’t be done better. Controlling the unit also benefits from the screens due to it’s highly intuitive graphical user interface. Remote control is of course also possible via USB, MIDI, MIDI-over-MADI or GPI. Even a simple MIDI CC mode let’s you control the most wanted parameters from distance.

The two headphone outputs let you monitor any analogue or digital input or output. For more demanding tasks the headphone monitoring matrix even feature a M/S decoder mode and a balanced operation mode for high-end headphones.

You need more? Then the A32pro Dante – a version with an additional 64 x 64 Dante channels – is what you need.

Redundant MADI I/O System

The MADI I/O system of the A32pro is provided as dual SFP ports for MADI modules. So a variety of different configurations (single or double (redundant) in single- or multimode or coaxial) is possible. The I/O support MADI delay compensation, 64- and 56-channel formats and port redundancy. MADI streams can be used to send and receive embedded MIDI messages.

4 x Multitouch TFT User Interface

Four high-resolution pin-sharp TFT displays provide detailed level information for all 32 analogue input and output signals – allowing the overview of the signal flow in and out of the unit. Also the status of all digital interfaces, clocking- and GPIO status and loaded preset is visible all the time.

Internal Routing Matrix

The A32pro provides a sophisticated internal matrix for the free routing and splitting of all 128 Ins to all 128 Outs in blocks of 8 channels. The headphone output allows it to monitor every mono, stereo or even in M/S (mid/side) I/O channel from the front of the unit.

Dual Slots for DSP Sticks

The modular platform is ready for expansion: Two slots for optional DSP sticks open a whole new world for multichannel audio processing.

Redundant Power Supply

For reliability, the A32pro  can be powered by two power supplies. Both power supplies are permanently monitored, and switched without interruption in case of failure. Warning message is shown on the screen and/or send by MIDI to be able to react on this failure.

Flexible Remote Control

A comprehensive remote software, called RemoteFish,  for PC and MAC is available to control the A32pro series. In addition to USB, the A32pro can also be connected via MIDI (by simple MIDI commands) or MIDI-over-MADI. All Ferrofish devices are automatically detected and listed in the software.