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Ferrofish A32 Pro Dante

£3,474.00 inc. vat
£2,895.00 ex. vat

Ferrofish A32 Pro Dante - 32 Analogue I/O AD/DA Converter with DSP - MADI, ADAT & Dante

The Ferrofish A32 Pro Dante is a 32x32 analogue ADDA converter that features MADI, ADAT, Dante, and an internal routing matrix making it a highly flexible and usable converter.

But the A32pro Dante is not just a converter – it’s also the ultimate problem solver thanks to its incredible flexibility, thanks to its modular hardware platform. Overall, the A32pro Dante processes 386 channels, all highly integrated into a 1 slim rack unit. Enumerating all the configurations of the A32pro Dante is almost impossible: in addition to the 32 x 32 studio-grade balanced analog inputs and outputs up to 192kHz, there are a stereo main out, four ADAT I/O, two MADI I/O ports (SFP slots) and of course Dante, brought out redundant on two RJ45 jacks. Everything is routable in groups of 8 channels each.

Dante Plug & Play

Integrate the A32pro Dante seamlessly into your Dante network has never been easier. Just plug it in and the device is visible on the network and ready to be routed freely using the Dante Controller software. Together with the Dante PCIe Card or DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard), the A32 Dante turns into a universal audio interface.

4 x Multitouch TFT User Interface

Keep track of all 64 analog input and output channels at any time: Everything is shown clearly on the four TFT screens. The screens  also show the status of all digital interfaces, as well as the status of GPIO and loaded preset, easy to always keep track of whats happening. Status information and all functions are presented clearly and intuitively, so no need to consult the manual anymore. The multitouch sensitive user interface makes the unit a pleasure to operate.

Internal Routing Matrix

All 192 x 192 analog and digital channels of the A32pro Dante are brought together in groups of 8 using the internal routing matrix. For easy monitoring, any channel, no matter if input or output can be monitored in mono, stereo and even in M/S (mid/side) by one of the two independent headphone outputs. For audiophile scenarios a full balanced output mode using two stereo outputs for balanced wired headphones is available as well.

Dual Slots for DSP Sticks

The modular platform is ready for expansion: Two slots for optional DSP sticks open a whole new world for multichannel audio processing.

Redundant Power Supply

For reliability, the A32pro Dante can be powered by two power supplies. Both power supplies are permanently monitored, and switched without interruption in case of failure. Warning message is shown on the screen or send via MIDI to be able to react on this failure.

Flexible Remote Control

The comprehensive remote software RemoteFish for PC and MAC is available to control the A32pro series. In addition to USB, the A32pro Dante can also be connected via MIDI (by simple MIDI commands), MIDI-over-MADI and Remote-over-Dante. All Ferrofish devices are automatically detected and listed in the software.


Analog Inputs (AD)

  • 4 x DSub25 (Tascam format)
    • Digital gain: +20dBu … -8 dBu, 1dB steps
  • OpAmps
    • OPA1604 / OPA1664
  • Level indicator
    • TFT screen, 28 levels

Analog Outputs (DA)

  • 4 x DSub25 (Tascam format)
    • Digital gain: +20dBu … -8dBu, 1dB steps
  • OpAmps
    • OPA1604 / OPA1664
  • Level indicator
    • TFT screen, 28 levels

Headphones Out

  • 2 x ¼” (6.3mm) TRS jack, stereo with HQ amp section and dedicated DAC path.
  • Provides an independent stereo channel.
  • Selectable mono/stereo or M/S decoded source of all inputs and outputs.
  • Digitally controlled volume level.


  • 4+4 optical interfaces (8 channels each with 48 kHz)
    • 32 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
    • 16 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
    • n/a @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
  • Latency: 3 samples


  • 4x General Purpose Inputs for switching Presets #1-4.
  • 4x General Purpose Outputs for monitoring Lock/Power/MADI/Temp alerts.


  • 2 x 1/8″ (3.5mm) TRS connector for remote control
  • Conversion MIDI <> MIDI-over-MADI possible
  • MIDI 2.0 pinout

Wordclock I/O

  • BNC: 1 x input, 1 x output
  • 75 Ohm Termination switchable for input

Power Supply

  • 12V, 3A
    • 2 x input jacks with screw lock for redundant power.
    • Voltage supervision, warning message on screen when PSU input fails
    • Internal resettable polyfuse
    • 1 x Power Supply included, second PSU optional

USB Port

  • 1 x USB 2.0 for Remote/Updates