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Genelec 1237A Three-Way Smart Active Monitor

by Genelec
£4,798.80 inc. vat
£3,999.00 ex. vat
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Genelec 1237A

The Genelec 1237A is a three-Way Smart Active Monitor suited for small studios that require close proximity monitors. The Genelec 1237A monitor uses a 500-watt powered 12" low frequency woofer, a 250-watt powered mid-frequency woofer that is handmade in Finland, and a 200-watt powered 1" metal dome high frequency tweeter in a proprietary large Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) to deliver a frequency response of 32 to 22,000 Hz (-6 dB).

The GLM software makes adjustments at to too high frequencies for Hi-Fi, but its primary use is in studios, where the reflections from mixing desks have to be compensated. Luckily Genelec’s calibration curve can be completely adjusted by the user. So I neutralised all the corrections above 300Hz and the result was a bit more presence and a more natural – familiar to us Hi-Fi fans transparency.


  • Maximum sound pressure level: 118 db
  • Frequency response: 32 Hz - 22 khz (-6 db)
  • Crossover frequency: ± 2.5 db (37 Hz - 20khz)
  • Driver dimension: Woofer 12 in + Midrange 5 in + Tweeter 1 in, metal dome + DCW
  • Amplifier power: Woofer 500 W + Midrange 250 W + Tweeter 200 W
  • Dimensions: H 680 x W 400 x D 380 mm 
  • Weight: 38 kg / 84 lb
  • Connectors: AES/EBU input, XLR
  • AES/EBU output: XLR
  • Analog input: XLR 10kohm