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Glensound DITTO 613J - 6 input mixers x 3 with extra Jack inputs, 1u, 19"

£1,758.00 inc. vat
£1,465.00 ex. vat
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The Glensound Ditto's are a range of rack mount line level mixers that are all offer mutliple mixers in a single or twin subrack. Four or six input mixers are available in multiples of three or six. Intended for use where simple mixing requirements are needed in the minimum rack space.

Multiple Mixers 
In 1u Or 2u Subracks The Ditto's make efficient use of space by adding multiple line level mixers in either a 1 or 2u subrack. This makes the Ditto perfect for applications where there is a requirement for multiple mixers but in a small space.

Four Or Six Input Mixers
Options are available to mix either 4 separate sources or 6 separate sources. Each input has its own individual gain pot for adjusting level.

Master Output Level 
Each separate four or six input mixer has its own master output level. This adjusts that overall output mix of the inputs.

PPM Meter 
Each mixer has a separate PPM meter indicating the output level.

EDAC Connectors 
To maintain the number of input and output connectors required, EDAC connectors are used due to their effeicient use of space.

Internal Power Supply
The Ditto includes a switch mode 100v - 240v power supply.

*Patch Panel Input/Output Versions
Every unit has the option of adding front panel patch points via 6.35mm jack sockets. There is one under each input and connects in parallel with the main rear input. There is also a jack socket under the output control for monitoring of the output mix.

There are two factory options with the 'J' Versions.
1. Inputs are in parallel with the rear inputs (Standard) 
2. Inputs are break jacks and replace the rear inputs (add 'B' suffix)