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Glensound GS-ET2 - Twin Channel Audio Transformer Isolation

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Glensound GS-ET2

The Glensound GS-ET2 (External Transformer) was designed to help a specific outside broadcast customer who was having no luck in curing hum problems with cheap DI boxes. This customer was providing audio facilities in a venue away from the OB truck and there was sometimes hum being received at the OB truck on his output circuits. The input circuits of a professional audio device should of course be able to handle this situation but as our customer was a freelance contractor for the OB company he wasn't in the situation that he could tell his employer that their multi million pound OB truck had a rubbish audio desk. Glensound's solution was to design a transformer isolating unit starting with a very good quality audio transformer from Lundal and adding a unique feature of a variable centre tap switch.

The unique centre tap switch allows the transformers' centre tap to be connected to either the devices' input ground, output ground or isolated from both. This switch alongside the use of the Lundhal transformer solved our customers' problems.

Although originally designed for use at the output end of an audio circuit the ET range can of course be used to reduce problems at the input end of the circuit as well.

Glensound GS-ET02 Features

  • Portable twin audio channel isolating transformer
  • Earth lift switch on input
  • Unique centre tap switch for connecting transformer core to different ground circuits
  • Ideal for reducing noise at outside broadcasts and events
  • Very high quality Lundahl audio transformer
  • Very good line balance
  • Excellent Common Mode Rejection
  • Robust lightweight aluminium chassis