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Glensound GS-MPI005 Rack Version GSM Interface

£1,428.00 inc. vat
£1,190.00 ex. vat
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Glensound GS-MPI005 Rack Version GSM Interface

The Glensound GS-MPI005 is based on the same technology as our GS-MPI004 portable mobile phone. The main difference between the products is that the GS-MPI005 is a 1RU 19 inch subrack designed for permanent installation in an outside broadcast truck or studio and the GS-MPI004 is a battery powered portable unit.

The GS-MPI005 is mains powered from a switch mode power supply (100 to 250 VAC) making it suitable for use of any standard mains supplies around the World and perfect for an outside broadcast vans power supply.

The GS-MPI005 is fitted with 1 mobile phone. It has a rear panel balanced audio connections on XLR, it's own aerial connection and it's own front panel controls and SIM card holder. Extra mobile phone modules are available with up to 3 phones in the 1U 19" unit . Extra phone model number GS-MPI005/EP

What about quality? Because the GS-MPI005 has a digital GSM module the audio quality is the best you will ever get from a mobile phone network. With the audio being in the digital domain separation between the go and return channels is 100% which far outperforms even the very best standard wired telephone hybrids.

What is included as standard?

  • 1 x GS-MPI005 fitted with 1 
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Flat mounted aerial (as pictured below) with 4.5 metre long cable for each mobile phone module fitted
  • 1 x mains power cable

Glensound GS-MPI005 Features

  • Includes 1 x GSM mobile phone module fitted
  • For outside broadcast trucks and permanent installation in studios
  • QUAD band GSM works in most of the World
  • Use any networks SIM card via front panel
  • Balanced line input on XLR
  • Easy to set input and output level control
  • Headphone output on 6.35mm jack with volume control
  • Balanced Line output on XLR (this is the return feed from the studio)
  • Large LED flashes, with sounder indicates incoming call (can be switched off)
  • Redial button for quick redialling of the last called number
  • Simple 9 memory phonebook with quick access to stored numbers
  • SMA aerial connector allows different antennas to be connected
  • 19 inch 1RU subrack
  • Switch mode power supply (100 -250 VAC)


  • Audio Frequency Response Telephone networks provide 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz audio bandwidth
  • QUAD BAND GSM Frequencies 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
  • Network Will operate on any mobile phone network, just plug in your SIM card
  • Headphone Impedance: 200 - 2000 Ohms
  • Line input level: 0dB
  • Input gain control: +/-10dB
  • Headroom: 26dB
  • Output level: 0dB
  • Output gain control: +/-10dB
  • Max output level (line out XLR): +13dBu
  • Mains Power Supply: 100 to 250 Volts AC, IEC plug
  • Power Consumption: 1 Module fitted: 3.3 Watts
  • Aerial Connector type: SMA