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Glensound GS-PASTE 201/R1 - Rack Mount Line Powered TBU

£510.00 inc. vat
£425.00 ex. vat
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Glensound GS-PASTE 201/R1 - Rack Mount Line Powered TBU

The Glensound GS-PASTE 201/R1 is a 19 inch rack mount line powered, heavy duty analogue telephone balancing unit. It allows professional audio equipment such as mixers, talkback systems or headphone circuits to be connected to a traditional analogue telephone line.

A tone generator has been included to help with line balancing. Once a line is connected the tone can be switched on, so that the R and C can be balanced accordingly. Instructions for this are printed on the side of the unit.Once the best balance is achieved, the tone can be turned off.

A front panel LED indicates an incoming call. There is also an audible ringer which can be turned off if required.


  • Audio input is line level on a balanced Neutrik XLR
  • Input level control
  • Multi coloured LED indicates level sent to the line


  • Audio output on balance Neutrik XLR.
  • Output level control

Telco Connections
There is an RJ-11 connector for external handset to allow dialling of outgoing calls. An On/Off Hook switch (with indicator) allows answering of calls when and external telephone is not connected.

There is also an RJ-11 connector for connection to a normal telephone line. A recessed switch switches RJ-11 telephone line pairs (there are 2 different standards used Worldwide), for worldwide compatability.

Glensound GS-Paste 201/R1 Features

Provides balanced audio input and output from a normal POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line
No batteries or mains required
Input compressor (prevents overloading of telephone line)
R/C & line balance controls
Internal tone generator for line balancing
1u 19" rack mount


  • Audio input:
    • Transformer balanced on neutrik XLR
    • Input impedance: >10k
    • Nominal input level: 0dBu
    • Front panel gain control: +/- 10dB
    • Maximum input level: +18dBu
  • Compressor/ Limiter: Internal efficient compressor/ limiter for controlling levels to the line.
  • Audio Level Indication:
    • Large front panel tri colour LED:
    • BLUE = Off hook and level
    • GREEN = level >-10dBu
    • RED = level >-3dBu
  • Audio Output:
    • Transformer balanced on neutrik XLR
    • Output impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Nominal output level: 0dBu
    • MAXIMUM output level: typically +6dBu (limitation is level of audio on telephone line)
    • Front Panel gain control: +/-10dB
  • Telephone Line:
    • Line Type: Direct Exchange Line (DEL) (standard analogue line used worlwide)
    • Line Connector: RJ14 6P6C (RJ11 6P2C compatible)
    • Connector Pinout: Can be switched between PINS 2/5 and 3/4 (provides Worlwide compatibility)
    • Pinout Switch: Rear panel recessed