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Glensound Solo 2 Commentators Unit

£1,020.00 inc. vat
£850.00 ex. vat
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Glensound Solo 2

The Glensound Solo 2 is a very simple to use single user interface with mic input, selectable 48v Phantom and gain adjust. The SOLO 2 was designed for a UK systems facilitator doing a job in the US. They required a number of simple to operate comms boxes with excellent audio performance. The SOLO 2 is compact, rugged and portable, it is designed for one commentator to produce one program with a talkback channel. To help workspace issues the audio connectors including the microphone input & headphone output are mounted on the rear panel to keep cables out of the way of the commentators work area.

Glensound Solo 2 Features

  • One permanent programme output of mic input
  • Top panel lazy talkback button sends mic to separate talkback output
  • Outputs & Mic In are transfomer balanced
  • 2 x external inputs for headphone monitoring
  • 2 x headphone outputs on 6.35mm jack sockets
  • Rear panel sidetone adjust
  • Internal 100-240 VAC power supply
  • Small compact & portable



  • Input impedance: 1k5
  • Input type: transformer balanced on neutrik xlr
  • Gain range (dynamic): 42 to 66 db
  • Gain range (phantom power): 26 to 50 db
  • Compressor: complex ratio. Knee @ 0dbu out, then 2:1 ratio to +5dbu out, then 3:1 to +8.5Dbu out, then 4:1 to +11dbu out
  • Max input before clipping (dynamic): -13dbu
  • Max input before clipping (phantom power): 0dbu
  • Distortion: 0.3% Relative to +8dbu output with -54db input compressor on 100hz to 20khz
  • Equivalent input noise: 122dbu rms 22hz to 22khz 300 ohms
  • Frequency response: output impedance: output type: transformer balanced on neutrik xlr


  • Audio inputs impedance: >30k ohms
  • Input type: fully protected electronically balanced on neutrik xlr
  • Level controls: +10db to off (internal link to set maximum attenuation to -20db)
  • Maximum output level: +18dbu into 600 ohms (****warning high output level can damage hearing****)
  • Output circuit: our intelligent o/p circuit that automtically reduces the output level into lower impedance headphones
  • Suitable for headphone impedances: 32 to 1000 ohms
  • Maximum input level: +28dbu
  • Noise: -76dbu @ line up (unity gain)
  • Distortion: <0.035% Relative to +8dbu output 100hz to 20khz
  • Sidetone line up: -10db
  • Sidetone level range: +10db to off
  • Frequency response: +/-0.5Db 70hz to 20khz, -1db @ 50hz


  • Ac voltage input range: 100 to 240 +/-10%
  • Ac frequency range: 47 - 63hz
  • Input connector: filtered iec plug
  • Consumption: 1.5 Watts
  • Internal fuse: 20mm 1a anti-surge

Size & weight

  • Weight: 880g
  • Size: 171 x 170 x 82mm (w x d x h)