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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Grace Design M103 3-Band EQ & Dynamics

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Grace Design M103 3-Band EQ & Dynamics

The Grace Design M103 is mono channel strip consisting of a high quality microphone preamplifier, 3 band equaliser and optical compressor which is the starting point for any high end recording.

The m103's preamplification section shares the same circuitry as the popular Grace Design m103 giving a musical, transparent and pure sound with lots of headroom, detail and clarity.

The equaliser of the Grace Design m103 consists of 3 bands which are built around single stage parallel tuning architecture, which minimizes circuitry and delivers natural tone shaping from 20Hz to 20kHz. The EQ controls include a fully parametric mid with sweepable high and low bands which can be operated in shelving or peak modes. When using the m103's EQ the finest increments of cut or boost can be heard easily, providing an incredible level of controlled tone shaping.

Optical compression is used in the dynamics section of the Grace Design m103 which is the purest and highest fidelity method of gain control available. From gentle limiting to heavy compression the m103 remains neautral and transparent.

The front panel has access to a HI-Z making this equaly useful as a high quality instrument preamp.

Comprehensive I/O options allow the mic pre and EQ/COMP sections to be accessed independently of each other, and the order of the EQ/COMP is switchable. A dual function link/ sidechain input on the rear panel is provided for inserting external sidechain signals (for de- essing, ducking) or connecting two m103's together for stereo compression applications.

Grace Design M103 Features:

  • Fast and musical transimpedance microphone preamplifier architecture
  • Updated audio path with 0.5% precision metal film resistors
  • New 12 position gold plated rotary gain switch
  • High performance output line driver amplifier and HPF amplifier
  • Ribbon mic mode (also great for dynamic mics)-  Relay bypass of phantom power decoupling capacitors, increased input impedance, and 48V lockout
  • 3-band precision EQ, fully parametric mid band, peak and shelf mode for hi and low bands
  • newly designed optical compressor
  • Mic amp direct output
  • EQ/COMP section line input
  • Bombproof laser-etched black anodized frontpanel
  • Sealed gold contact relay for Hi-Z input switching
  • Built in power supply
  • Led indicators for +48V, Ribbon mode, and HPF
  • powerful 10 segment meters for gain reduction and output level
  • Five year transferable warranty on parts and labour
  • Made in the USA