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Highland Dynamics BG2 Mono Valve Vari-Mu Compressor

£3,355.00 inc. vat
£2,795.83 ex. vat
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Highland Dynamics BG2

The Highland Dynamics BG2 is a mono valve Vari-Mu compressor with automatic leveling capability. It has a front end in the style of a British-modified Altec 436 with a twin 6V6 output amp in the style of an RCA BA6A or Gates. It contains custom, oversized transformers, US and European capacitors and a US Simpson meter. The BG2 has standard 600 ohm input, or 150 ohm for more gain and transformer color. It's also useful when running a microphone directly in with no preamp.

British mode utilizes a modified Altec 436 plate-to-plate style feedback. With less gain, a cleaner, more hifi sound and smoother operation, British is the big smooth tube compressor. American mode lets more harmonics and color come through, instantly changing your compressor to a different animal all together.

There is a compression on/off switch that removes the side-chain tube, turning the compressor into a line amp. With the compression turned off, you can drive it into distortion. You can achieve different colors of distortion with both the feedback and input selection switches.

Highland Dynamics BG2 Features

  • Input and output controls
  • Fast and slow attack
  • 6 release positions 
  • Link switch for stereo use
  • 600 and 150 ohm input impedance taps
  • Switchable feedback settings