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IK Multimedia ARC Studio - Advanced Room Correction System with Microphone

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IK Multimedia ARC Studio - Advanced Room Correction System with Microphone

Introducing ARC Studio, a revolutionary hardware-based acoustic room correction system that delivers exceptional results, transforming standard studio monitors into superior audio tools instantly. Today's leading studio monitors incorporate active room correction for a reason: it significantly enhances their performance, guaranteeing seamless translation of mixes.

ARC Studio provides this remarkable performance enhancement to every monitor in any studio environment. The comprehensive system comprises a standalone hardware processor, the new ARC 4 software (also available separately) for analyzing and correcting listening environments with added controls, and a precision MEMS measurement microphone.

For the first time in the recording industry, an affordable hardware processor offers correction and calibration capabilities for all types of studios—be it home, project, or professional—without the limitations of software-only systems.

Enhancing Mixing Precision
Room characteristics profoundly influence how music is perceived. Factors such as size, shape, materials, and furniture distort the frequency and stereo balance of studio monitors, compromising their sound quality.

ARC 4's advanced algorithm swiftly analyzes and corrects these issues. The music becomes more defined with controlled low-end, tighter transients, and precise stereo imaging. It's akin to an immediate monitor upgrade, empowering users to mix with greater speed and confidence.

Effortless Installation
Using the included microphone connected to an audio interface, ARC 4 software guides users through a quick process of measuring acoustic responses within their listening position. Leveraging IK's acclaimed ARC technology, this 3D snapshot identifies and rectifies all problematic issues affecting monitor performance.

ARC 4 stores the correction profile and uploads it to the ARC Studio processor, discreetly positioned between the interface and monitors to apply corrections to all incoming signals. This standalone processor corrects studio monitors across various studio setups, including hardware- and console-based configurations.

Universal Correction
For professional studios, whether DAW-based or console-based, ARC Studio with ARC 4 offers transparent correction and tailored tuning for any monitoring setup, from nearfields to mains, preserving the inherent sonic quality of the system.

In DAW-based studios, ARC Studio eliminates the need for inserting the ARC 4 plug-in on the master bus of a project and maintains zero-latency monitoring setups. Additionally, it allows users to enjoy acoustically corrected monitoring while streaming content without dealing with system drivers.

With ARC 4, profiles can be created and stored for each configuration, listening position, or monitor pair, easily recalled or loaded onto the processor unit at any time. Fine-tuning monitoring to perfection, whether in a makeshift or top-tier studio, is now effortless and unparalleled in sound quality.

Moreover, the ARC Studio hardware, crafted and engineered in Italy to the highest standards, offers exceptional affordability compared to other hardware solutions. This makes significant sound improvement accessible to everyone, from single monitor setups to large-scale facilities with multiple mixing and recording rooms.

Audiophile-Grade Performance
ARC Studio boasts a 120 dB(A) analog input to output dynamic range, a frequency response ranging from 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz, and ultra-stable clocking for minimal jitter, ensuring complete sonic transparency and accuracy comparable to mastering-grade audio converters.

The processor unit connects to the studio and monitors via balanced XLRs, featuring a power-safe relay-based hard bypass to protect against sudden power-related pops when bypassed. Coupled with the premium audio quality of ARC Studio and ARC 4's cutting-edge correction algorithm, the result is the most natural, transparent monitoring experience ever.

Includes Monitor Emulations
ARC Studio, reloadable with new settings through ARC 4 software, now offers monitor emulation functionality. This feature transforms any monitor system into iconic studio monitors, as well as popular hi-fi speakers and mobile devices, delivering remarkably authentic results that faithfully reproduce the frequency and phase response of the originals.

With over 20 profiles included in ARC 4, users can quickly test mixes on different reference systems using a single pair of monitors, eliminating the need for additional pairs or trips to the car.

Customizable System
ARC 4 introduces 9 factory-tailored target curves suitable for most scenarios, with options including Flat and other specific curves for different requirements or setups. Users can define upper and lower correction limits separately to preserve monitor voicing or correct specific frequency ranges.

Furthermore, a control allows adjustment of the correction filter resolution to utilize more or fewer frequency bands, enabling either precise surgical correction or broader, smoother balance depending on the room's unique acoustics.

Selectable Natural and Linear phase modes ensure precise stereo imaging. Natural mode enhances phase response, while linear phase maintains the original inter-channel phase response, ideal for certain room and condition settings. With ARC Studio, users enjoy unparalleled flexibility as their studios evolve and expand.