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Josephson C700S - Stereo Pressure & Gradient Microphone

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Josephson C700S

The Josephson C700S is a unique microphone that includes three capsules in one housing. A key feature of this microphone is its variety of polar patterns from omni to figure-8 may be selected by controlling the ratio of pressure to gradient signals. This microphone has been beautifully designed with large spaced out mesh to reduce reflections in the capsule.

The first 2 capsules are the same default one as the C700A and the additional capsule is a side-facing figure-8 configuration. Any coincident stereo pickup can be derived from mixing these three signals together, and like the C700A, the signals can be recorded individually and all aspects of image width and pattern control may be adjusted in the mixdown. With the three capsule signals, any number of microphone outputs may be created, each one pointed anywhere in the plane around the microphone.


  • Transducers: Pressure and pressure gradient condenser
  • Polar pattern: Variable directional pattern achieved by mixing output signals
  • Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz ±2 dB from reference curve
  • Sensitivity: –41 dB ref 1 V/Pa (9 mV/Pa) for each signal
  • Overload sound pressure: 135 dB SPL at 1kΩ load for <1% THD
  • Equivalent noise level: 15 dB SPL, A-weighted
  • Power supply: P48 phantom, 4 mA per output
  • Diameter: 63mm (100 mm wide at yoke), length 365 mm (C700S)
  • Output connector: 7-pin XLR type