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Kii Audio SEVEN - Wireless Speaker System (2x Kii SEVEN - 1x Kii CONTROL)

by Kii
£7,785.00 inc. vat
£6,487.50 ex. vat
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Kii Audio SEVEN - Wireless Speaker System (2x Kii SEVEN - 1x Kii CONTROL)

The Kii SEVEN establishes a new benchmark in home entertainment and music enjoyment. Whether you begin with just a single Kii SEVEN for independent use, opt for a stereo pair arrangement in your living space, or outfit your residence with a multiroom speaker system or a 3D immersive media setup, the technology is available to assist you in tailoring your ideal acoustic environment. Utilize the Kii HOME app to maximize your streaming experience across as many as twelve distinct zones in your home.

The Kii SEVEN is thoughtfully engineered to meet your most demanding audio requirements and crafted to accommodate your entire family’s preferences seamlessly. It effortlessly integrates with an expanding roster of top-tier streaming service providers and offers the versatility of analog and digital input options. With meticulous design and forward-thinking engineering, the Kii SEVEN is equipped to address your current listening needs and poised to tackle tomorrow’s audio landscape challenges.

The Kii SEVEN is the most impressive compact monitor speaker for music recording, production, and mixing. Leveraging Kii Audio’s substantial presence in the professional studio realm, we can now provide your studio with a compact and more cost-effective speaker solution. Achieving seamless workflow integration is easier than ever, thanks to the availability of analog inputs, AES input, or the optional Kii Control as your monitor controller. You can effortlessly reference music through integrated streaming options like Apple Airplay 2 or Spotify Connect.

Alternatively, you can establish connections to your Dante Audio system via an IP network or combine multiple Kii THREE and Kii SEVEN units for Dolby Atmos mixing. The cardioid dispersion ensures outstanding sound performance in any room, effectively translating your mixes to the outside world, even in studios with less-than-ideal acoustics. Most importantly, the Kii SEVEN delivers exceptional sound quality in a compact and easily positionable package.


Custom Waveguided Tweeter
Our Custom Waveguide Tweeter is an acoustic device that helps control and direct the dispersion of sound waves the tweeter produces. Our Waveguide improves the tweeter’s efficiency, controls its directivity, and enhances its overall performance.

5'' Midrange
Our five-inch midrange provides a smooth frequency response, delivering incredible clarity, detail, and precision. Making vocals and instruments sound lifelike and engaging.

Cardioid Dispersion
In a nutshell, our technology solves one of the biggest problems in audio playback: the acoustics in your room. Due to its directional dispersion, it eliminates much of the negative influence of the listening room.

Two 6.5-inch Woofers
Immerse yourself in a sonic masterpiece courtesy of our cutting-edge 6.5-inch Active Wave Focused Woofers. These exceptional drivers redefine what it means to experience audio through the precise directionality and powerful bass our engineering achieves.
Built-in Amplification
600 Watts amplification allows sufficient headroom to generate incredible clarity, detail, and tonal balance.
Wave Focusing Crossover Filter
An intriguing revelation emerges within acoustics: the potential to create compact directional speakers is attainable, and we have achieved it! Each Kii SEVEN possesses four meticulously synchronized drivers tailored to deliver unparalleled sonic quality.