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Klotz MY206 SW Microphone Cable Black 100m Reel

by Klotz
£83.99 inc. vat
£69.99 ex. vat
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Klotz MY206SW Microphone Cable Black 100m Reel

In developing the Klotz MY 206 SW Microphone cable, special attention has been paid to the high demands of everyday use on stage and in studios. A special rubber-like PVC material ensures flexibility at extreme temperatures, additional cotton padding keeps the capacitance constant and avoids handling noise. Finally, a particularly dense spiral shield provides maximum shielding even under large mechanical loads.

Klotz MY206SW Specifications

  • Conductor: stranded bare copper, 28 x 0.10 mm
  • Cross Section: 0.22 mm2
  • Insulation: PE
  • Core Arrangement: 2 cores + cotton tracers, twisted
  • Shielding: bare copper spiral shield
  • Outer Jacket: PVC, matt
  • Overall Diameter: 6.15mm
  • Min Radius: 30mm
  • Working Temperature: -20C / +70C
  • Conductor Resistance: 85 ohm/km
  • Capacitance:
    • Cond/Cond. 60 pF/m
    • Cond/Shield 110 pF/m
  • Insulation Resistance: > 100 Mohm x km
  • Drum size: 100m