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Klotz & Neutrik 0.5m Pro SPDIF Cable

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Klotz & Neutrik Pro SPDIF Cable

Our Klotz & Neutrik 0.5m Pro SPDIF Cable is made in house using Klotz RG59B/U cable and Neutrik/Rean connectors. A SPDIF cable is a type of digital audio interconnect used in consumer audio equipment to output audio over reasonably short distances. This standard 75 Ω coaxial cable is designed for connecting transmitter and receiver systems and other HF equipment. Its CCS inner conductor with 0.58 mm diameter comprises a copper-clad solid steel wire with extremely high tensile strength and is enclosed in a polyethylene dielectric medium. An ultra-dense copper shield protects against electromagnetic scattering.

Digital coaxial audio cables provide superior sound quality to twin Phono / RCA stereo installations and when used in conjunction with a dolby digital equipped amplifier or receiver digital coaxial cables enable you to hear movies in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Sound. It's important to understand that digital coaxial audio cables are a different type of coaxial cable to the coaxial cable used for TV aerial leads.