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Klotz & Neutrik 30cm XLR Cable

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Klotz & Neutrik 30cm XLR Patch Cable

The Klotz & Neutrik 30cm XLR Patch Cable combines Klotz MY206 microphone cable & industry standard Neutrik 'XX' Series XLR connectors.

Choose from a choice of 7 cable colours and 3 different connectors.

Klotz MY206 Cable

Klotz MY206 is high-quality professional balanced microphone cable with PVC jacket, spiral shield and stranded copper cores.

In developing this cable Klotz paid special attention to the high demands of everyday use on stage and in the studio. A special rubber-like PVC material ensures flexibility at extreme temperatures (out-door recordings), additional cotton padding keeps the capacitance constant and avoids handling noise. Finally a particularly dense spiral shield provides maximum shielding even under large mechanical loads.


  • Ultra-low capacitance (60 pF/m)
  • Extremely flexible
  • Construction
    • Conductor: Stranded bare copper, 28 x 0.10 mm
    • Cross Section: 0.22 mm2
    • Insulation: PE
    • Shielding: Bare copper spiral shield
    • Outer Jacket: PVC, matt
    • Overall Diameter: 6.15mm
    • Min. Bending Radius: 30mm
    • Working Temperature: -20C / +70


Neutrik 'XX'-Series XLR Connectors

This cable is available with a choice of 3 different Neutrik XLR connectors.

  • NC3MXX-BAG & NC3FXX-BAG - 3 pole XLR cable connectors with black metal housing and silver contacts.
  • NC3MXX & NC3FXX - 3 pole XLR cable connectors with nickel metal housing and silver contacts.
  • NC3MXX-B & NC3FXX-B - 3 pole XLR cable connectors with black metal housing and gold contacts.