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Looptrotter Emperor Limiter

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Looptrotter Emperor Limiter

The Looptrotter Emperor Limiter is a dynamics processor, which depending on the settings can be used as a compressor, limiter or harmonic distortion generator. The Emperor is not designed to be provide transparent dynamic control, rather warms and brightens the signal depending on the drive settings. Crafting the right tone for the input material is easily done with the intuitive and easy to operate control panel. 

Drive controls the signal level going into the processor. The greater the drive the more please saturation that occurs, along with apparent loudness. On a lower setting, the input signal will sound richer, with minimal reduction in dynamic range.

Dry sets the amount of the unprocessed signal fed to the EMPEROR's output.

Wet sets the amount of processed signal that goes to the output.

The EMPEROR LIMITER is equipped with two, independently working filters embedded in the control circuit. This gives the possibility to create the timbre without unwelcome phase shifting: in case of cutting the low frequencies in the control signal, the EMPEROR acts more transparent and natural with the signals rich in low frequencies like kick drum, or bass guitar. This can decrease the distortion of low frequencies and the pumping effect; while boosting the high frequencies in the control signal the EMPEROR acts like an analogue de-esser, or very fast compressor for bright and dynamic instruments.

Three attack and release presets:

  • FAST – the fastest setting of processor’s attack and release makes the EMPEROR work as a limiter. This preset gives rich, dense input signal saturation;
  • MED – this preset makes the EMPEROR work like a fast compressor;
  • SLOW – this preset makes the EMPEROR work more like an analog compressor than limiter.

It has also an independent control over DRY and WET signal. This allows to decide whether the audio tracks need only slight colorization, preserving the original dynamics, or if running the signal through EMPEROR in 100% is required.

The signal path of the EMPEROR LIMITER is 100% analog, but all the signal switches and potentiometers are digital. The LINK option allows the control of both channels through left channel only. The 1% potentiometers used guarantee precise concurrency of both channels.